Short but Effective List of ICT Coordinators You Must Follow on Twitter

List of ICT Coordinators You Must Follow on Twitter

ICT in education has grown and is still growing at a fast pace & coordinators in educational institutions play an important role as they keep a check on everything and make sure that everything is in order with a purpose.

Their ability to do multiple things at once make them inevitable.

Below is a list of 20 ICT Coordinators that you must follow in order to be aware of all the movement in the education sector.

Take a look! 

1) Ivan Langton @misterel

An ICT Coordinator and computing learner.

2) Anthony Booth @anthonybooth9

ICT Coordinator and computing teacher. A sports buff.

3) John Rutherford @john_w2l

Three times national award winning ICT teacher and Coordinator. Co-developer of game based learning system.

4) Gareth Edmondson @welshgje

Head of ICT and computer science. A running geek.

5) Martin S. @primaryteachICT

Pastoral deputy head, teacher and ICT coordinator in Somerset. A former apple employee. 

6) Damien McHugh @dmchugh675

Geography teacher and an ICT Coordinator. One of the contributors of NIedchat. An Edmodo supporter and ambassador.  

7) Alisa Stephens @alisa­_stephens

A head teacher of secondary studies and an ICT Coordinator. A student of Japanese & legal studies. 

8) Bob Hofman @bobhofman 

A global educator and innovator of global on line learning. An ICT Coordinator for GTP – peerScholar.

9) Emma Barker @emmabarker

An ICT Coordinator and a general geek.

10) Joe Molly @olde

A retired primary school teacher. Currently, he is an ICT Coordinator. An eTwinning enthusiast. 

11) Nic Hughes @duck_star

A comic geek and Sci Fi fan. A primary school teacher and ICT Coordinator and assistant.  

12) Mr. Birmingham @mrbirminghamICT

Head of ICT at a secondary school & college. CEOP Ambassador.  

13) Bronwyn McLeod @seriata  

Information Literacy Specialist Teacher, ICT Coordinator, & a DEd student.

14) Jose Rodrigues @animajar

ICT teacher and Coordinator. A PhD student of multimedia in education in Aveiro University.  

15) Lyneth Crighton @lynethcrighton

An ICT Coordinator and innovative teacher. A vivid learner and an IT geek.

16) Mike DT @tiratzo

Technology and ICT Coordinator at UK secondary school. Interested in new tools and collaborative working. 

17) Valentina Dodge @vale24

ICT coordinator, learning manager, teaching trainer, & EFL teacher.

18) Andrew Harris @apharris5 

A primary school teacher and ICT Coordinator working at The Deans Primary School in Stanford.

19) Christine Haynes @canhaynes

a learner & ICT Coordinator who is enabling others with technology for mobile and personalized learning.

20) Loic Later @loiclater

An ICT Coordinator in schools and interested in technology, smartphones & social media. 


Which other ICT Coordinators do you follow to stay abreast? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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