How TRS Forms Is Adding Credibility & Accuracy To The Exam Evaluation Process In Solapur University

TRS Forms & Services (TRS Forms), a pioneer in providing solutions in examination and admission space in India, has recently bagged the order from Solapur University for their exam evaluation process using the latest technology.

This has helped the university not only to speed up the evaluation process but also to publish results with high level of accuracy. TRS Forms has used their FireEye process for automatic dummy numbering and has helped the university to publish fast and accurate results. Solapur University is the first university in Maharashtra to implement this technology. This solution benefitted the university in adding credibility to the evaluation process by increasing accuracy, reducing time, and thus enhancing security and confidentiality. This automated system streamlined the entire process eliminating all possible human errors.

The process involves allocating a dummy number to the subjective exam answer booklets and removing the identity of a student before sending the booklet for valuation. Apart from printing number, the scanner (FireEye) captures the image of the first sheet of the answer booklet and the data therein and stores it in a database along with the dummy number. After the valuation the marks are transcribed on OMR marks tabulation sheet. This sheet is scanned to capture data of marks to each of the dummy numbers. The image of the first page is captured to eliminate any need for physically pulling out the booklet. It also acts as a record for right to information (RTI) queries, if any.

According to Mr. N. Subramanian – CEO & MD of TRS Forms & Services, “Every year a large number of students graduate from 600+ universities in India. Any average university will have to process a minimum of one lakh answer booklets in every exam that is conducted. This volume grows exponentially and continuing with the manual process is neither feasible nor advisable.” He further added that the fully indigenous solution from TRS forms  has been further customized to suit the needs of Solapur University, besides providing sustainable benefits in the long run..

Shri B. P Patil, Controller of Examinations, Solapur University, said, “This technology solution developed and customized by TRS Forms has benefited our university in a big way. We would normally evaluate one lakh answer booklets in our engineering stream.  When this work was done manually the whole process was time consuming and also not devoid of human errors. After introduction of this automated process, the results are being published well before time and also with high level of accuracy. By introducing this process, we are able to maintain a high level of confidentiality and this automatically brings in more credibility to our exam system.”

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