Android and iOS Apps any English Teacher Must Know

Android and iOS Apps any English Teacher Must Know

English Learning Apps For iOS Users

1) Intro to Letters, by Montessorium

This app is ideal for the kindergarten teachers who are engaged with kids who have just started to learn about alphabets. The app will take you through every letter in the English alphabet. Kids can tap a letter they want to learn about, and the app will tell them what the letter means, examples of how it is used and what it sounds like in different words. Then you can do exercises, flashcards and puzzles with each letter. To help students write the letters, the app offers a tracing program for practice.

2) Learn English (Hello-Hello)

This is one of the best apps for language learning courses on iOS. It uses a teaching method called Mobile Immersion to create a virtual environment that guides learners visually to develop functional language skills. It comes with 30 conversational lessons based on real-life situations. Animated lessons, games and exercises allow students to practice speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.

3) Learn English, Speak English

“Such a great app to learn English skills.”
“A brilliant way to learn to pronounce in English.”
“This is the best English learning tool, I have ever seen.”

Users reviewed the app with the statements above.

With features like; talking to a video character, automatic speech recognition & color-coded feedback on pronunciation, record & compare, topic based dialogue & unlimited practice and a lot more makes this app a must for every English teacher. Use of this app can change the way your students perceive education. The sessions can be engaging, fun and full of learning.

4) Voxy - Learn English

This app works according to the needs of the learner. The app is well suited for both beginner and advanced level learner. It creates personalized lessons that suits to the need of the learner and matches up to the student’s level, interest and goals. Tutors provide detailed feedback on student performance. Tests focus on the words and phrases students are exposed to throughout the course and if they pass, they get an award.

“Voxy is transforming the way non-native speakers learn English by providing lessons personalized to a learner’s unique lifestyle, goals and learning needs.” – Forbes

5) SentenceBuilder

The app is suitable for elementary education children. The app helps learner to build grammatically correct sentences. Connector words are paid attention for better sentence formation.

Interesting features of the app are:

- 3 Levels of play.
- 60 encouragement animations and audio clips.
- Optional correct sentence audio re-enforcement.
- Option correct sentence encouragement animation.
- Statistics to track students’ progress.
- Students have their own stats page.

6) busuu 

This language-learning app is a hit! Used by over 50 million people worldwide and featured by Apple within "Best apps" for 2014, busuu is the fun and easy way to learn a new language in just a few minutes a day. Learn basics, grammar, vocabulary, most important topics and 3000+ words. Interactive and practice test help you perfect your skills. Test yourself with fun quizzes to track your performance.

7) Supiki English Conversation Speaking Practice

The app is perfect for those who want to practice their English conversation skills. Talk to Supiki and Supiki talks back! The app provides the topic and starts the conversation.

8) Conversation English

This app features 20 lessons, each with video dialog, conversation listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary and sentence completion. The app follows an ongoing storyline about a group of friends and their relationships. By following the story, students learn English idioms, expressions and vocabulary. This is a great app for students who wish to practice more conversational English.

9) Poems by Heart

The app, Poems By Heart from Penguin Classics gives access to classic poetry and challenges you to memorize perennial favorites by master wordsmiths. The apps helps user Memorize and reciting poems, which let you, enjoy them at a deeper level and learn them for life. The app comes with 4 free poems plus 30+ poems from the poem shop.

10) Learn English by Stories

Help your kid to improve learning and reading skills with this engaging app. With Learn English Through Stories you'll be able to listen to different stories and learn vocabulary, as well as its different usages in the real English-speaking world. 

11) Free Word Power

With Word Power, Learn American English Vocabulary. You’ll master 100 of the most frequently used words and phrases in the English language right on your iOS device!

12) Mad Libs

The app is a word game where user gets to improve the treasure of English. User can play solo or in groups. The app comes with 21 free stories with content being added all the time. The group feature can help you create engaging sessions for your classroom.   

13) iWriteWords

Kids with access to iOS device enjoy a neat, engaging game helping them perfect their handwriting. Make your students help Mr. Crab collect the numbered balls and see them drawing beautiful letters at the same time.

14) OpenLanguage – Real Language Taught By Real People

The app has created an amazing platform in which they've merged the contents of some of the most popular language programs on the web like SpanishPod, EnglishPod, and FrenchPod. In one single app and website, user can study all these different languages (if you purchase the subscriptions). Their Tablet Textbook, using a new generation of language learning apps, provides students with all the basic studying tools in one single interface with sentence-reordering exercises, word-by-word translation, the ability to save vocabulary in the target language, and a "Task" feature, which consists of special exercises you can complete to get feedback from their academic team as well as from the student community. There is even an "accuracy" feature where you can record yourself and get feedback from voice recognition software! The amazing features and the power it brings user to learn multiple languages justify the money!

15) IELTS GT Reading Practice Test

This is the only app for IELTS practice test. Users get to read the papers from those who write and set the exams. The test contains 30 questions. Get feedback on your performance and work accordingly.   

16) Cambridge Discovery Readers

Learn English with this app by engaging yourself in interesting topics, discovery education videos and interactive exercises. Download the bookshelf to get access to all the books. One book is for free. 

17) Practice English Grammar

This was one of the nominees for best education app, 2014. Excel at English grammar with more than 1000 questions, 750+ flashcards, and 100+ games. Learn while practicing and track your performance. 

18) English – For Education

The app is suitable for younger children of age group between 11-16 years. The App uses high quality 3D animation, video, imagery, professional voice-overs, text and interactive activities with high score functions to ensure effective learning of relevant curriculum topics. Superb for class or independent learning and revision both in school and at home, delivering an engaging interactive learning experience.

19) English Academy

This app is a 3D interactive game for beginners and intermediate students to learn English for free.  

20) English 1 Lite

With this app user can converse with an English teacher who will give you tips on the best ways to learn and improve your English.
Test you comprehension with a quiz on each conversation. The questions are chosen at random and are not always the same. See if you can get to the end of the questions with no incorrect answers to receive stars on your quiz menu. 

Which one have you used? Which one is your favorite? Share with us in the comment box.


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