10 Android Apps Geography Teachers Must Know

Geography: the field of science! It gets difficult to teach students about the study of the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth.

Most students often distance themselves when subject need to be studied in depth, Geography is one of those subjects. To help yourself as a teacher you can use the apps listed below which will not only develop the student's interest in Geography but will make it enjoyable for them too!

1) Geography Learning Quiz Game

Make your students learn geography in a fun way! Find political map of all the countries of the world & Maps of the capitals of the countries. Locate benchmarks like rivers, mountains, mountain ranges, lakes, seas, islands, peninsulas, capes, gulfs, straits, canals, plains, depressions, and deserts to get complete understanding of geographic lines. The app can be used in two modes:

  • Game mode: select a difficulty level among the available and locate capitals randomly chosen from the globe. Get points based on time you took and compare your results to other friends and players.
  • Practice mode: learn the countries and capital of a selected continent. Practice to be the best in the game. Explore the world and master geography.

Get access to the offline map. With this offline map you can check countries and capitals around the glob anywhere anytime without being dependent upon Internet connection. Once the map is loaded you can view it anytime with a complete countries reference. The app is available in multiple languages.       


2) Bonza National Geographic

Will Shortz, Crossword Editor of The New York Times reviewed this app as “Bonza puzzles are instantly addictive.”

With hands on this app you can combine word search, jigsaw & trivia to solve puzzles and explore the world in an engaging manner. This app highlights themes like Animals, Travel, Planet Earth, Humanity and Science. Also, get free daily puzzles based on current events. These puzzles are a type of crossword that enables students to learn geography. 

3) World Citizen: Geography Quiz

It is a quiz game app that will help you learn countries capital and flags of the worlds in a fun way! All the name of countries and capitals are linked to Wikipedia from where you can learn more about it. The app is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, French, and Spanish.  The latest version of the app comes with 2 mini games. Training game and challenge game. Start with the training game to learn and then move to the challenge game to test what you learnt. Every time you get a new high score, it is published to the global leaderboard. The game even has an index of all countries for quick reference.        

4) Google Earth

Who haven’t got their hand on this amazing app? This app enables user to explore world with the swap of fingers. Recently updated in June 2015, the app is now having enhanced user-friendly interface. A changed menu with simplified photo layer panels. Improved styling and support for Google drive. With this app you can fly to 3D cities and view the world at street level.   

5) Map Master: Geography Game

It can really turn students into map master by offering several ways to play including pin point, time attack, multiplayer and learn mode. There are hundreds of places to guess and find while Wikipedia integration lets you discover more details about them from the app. This app is Listed as one of:
"Top 8 Android apps for Education" by Mashable.com & Listed as one of the "15 Indispensable Android Games" at gameinformer.com

6) World Map Atlas 2015

World Map Atlas is a great source of information to know about countries in the world where, you can read in your local language. World atlas is made with almost 250+ country information like capital, the country flag and a pointer to wiki to know more about the country. Things you can learn from this app include country flag, currency, international telephone code, location in the map, languages spoken, economy, borders and continent.  

7) Geography Quiz Game 3D

Another quiz? Well yes! But this one is in 3D and as you progress by giving correct answers you get to race around the world with other players including Facebook friends. Questions asked are about countries, languages, capital, major cities, landmarks, rivers etc. you can use “helps” to advance faster than opponents or “traps” to slow them down. New questions about lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, islands, peninsulas, etc have also been added. 

8) Geo Bee Challenge

This app is specifically designed for kids in grade 4-8. It’s a challenging game where user gets to test them with multiple-choice round, map challenge round and bonus round. In multiple-choice round, user gets to answer multiple-choice questions from a library of more than 1000 national geographic bee questions. In the map challenge round, zoom, pinch and tap the way to find spots on an interactive map from a catalog of 1,000+ locations. And in the bonus rounds identify compelling National Geographic photographs where you have to locate what's in the photo on the interactive map without having any information about the picture. The faster you answer the more you score!  

9) Logo Quiz

Identify outlines of countries, states, provinces, territories and regions! It's the best geography quiz app in Google Play. 200 outlines to identify divided into 10 challenging levels. Helpful hints for each outline for when students cannot guess. Challenging achievements and frequent app updates with new features being added! Compare your score with the score of your friends via Scoreloop! Compete with them and check who’s the best!

10) Countries Of The World

Learn about the countries of the world. Know about their capitals, languages, population, GDPs, flags and more. Test your knowledge about geography with the quiz mode, understand your areas that demand attention and work accordingly. Distinctive feature of audio is also there to help you with the pronunciation. Find specific countries from the lot using the interactive map, search or the index.    

Which apps do you use to make your lesson engaging for your students?

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