This Startup Launches A Campaign, To Bring Educational Augmented Reality Products To Kids!

This Startup Launches A Campaign, To Bring Educational Augmented Reality Products To Kids!

THESSALONIKI, Greece, Nov. 19, 2015 -- The start-up, technology company “Bitar Labs”, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign's starting funding goal is €10.000.

It’s raised in order to bring to market, 5 new, educational augmented reality products. The team wants to bring this exciting technology to kids, to use it for their better education.

1.  3D Solar System (Book with Augmented Reality)

The solar system and the universe is a topic that kids love. Bitar Labs has designed an amazing book, where every kid using a portable device (tablet/smartphone, Android or iOS), can see the planets in 3D, projected in his own room! In every page kids learn interesting facts about all the planets, interact with each one using their device and take pictures wearing an astronaut’s suit!


2.  Kings of Jungle (Book with Augmented Reality)

In this book, Bitar Labs is using Augmented Reality, to make wild animals alive! Kids can see the animals projected in their room, learn interesting things, interact and play with them. Also, they can take funny pictures with all the animals! It contains 10 beautiful wild animals.

3.  Little Lemon Riding Hood (Coloring Book with narration from the yellow fairy, with Augmented Reality)

In this product Bitar Labs has combined the traditional and the new book. They got together children’s colorings, a little yellow fairy and a story that comes alive with sound and narration using a tablet/smartphone (Android or iOS). Kids can use colors to paint Little Lemon Riding Hood as she is in their imagination. Then, by using a portable device, they can see the story comes alive with colors and listen to the narration from the little yellow fairy.

4.  Magic Notebook (Notebook with Augmented Reality, turns into a MagicBook)

The magic Notebook teaches the timetables! In this unique way kids learn easily and parents feel confident about the results! When the kids scan the cover of the notebook with a portable device (tablet/smartphone, Android or iOS), an amazing book opens in their screen. There, they can find all the timetables in a magical landscape, with tricks and information for their better memorization.

5.  Marley the Turtle and the cube of Recycling (Game and handicraft with Augmented Reality)

Marley the Turtle talks about recycling! The cube of Recycling is an interactive game where Marley the Turtle, through a portable device,comes alive and plays with kids a game related to recycling. Kids learn in a funny way about an important subject. But first, they have to build the cube! So build the cube, launch the app, and enjoy learning! Kids can play with Marley and ask him to hear something new about recycling! They can also answer to the questions he does and listen to Marley talk like them. It contains more than 100 questions and facts!

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