Reader Exclusive Offer: An All-In-One Digital Workspace For Effective And Enjoyable Classroom Collaboration, Planning And Management

An All-In-One Digital Workspace For Effective And Enjoyable Classroom Collaboration, Planning And Management

In today’s digital age it seems inevitable that the classroom will transform into a paperless environment for both teachers and students.

The transition from paper-based materials and manual jobs, to online resources and automated actions, doesn’t just reduce the physical strains of carrying heavy textbooks and documents, but it also holds great potential for speed, flexibility and personalization in teaching and learning.

Whether you’re working in groups, sharing files with the class or simply looking for information on a mobile device, there are tools available that promote a more efficient and organized way of working and help to bring a paper filled classroom into the digital world. One of these apps that can be implemented in the classroom is DropTask.

DropTask: A Visual Task Management App

DropTask is a uniquely visual and user friendly productivity tool with an emphasis on simplicity, making projects and to-dos easier to manage.  Those in education can use the app to collaborate on projects, delegate work, share files, and prioritize to-dos - plus much more. The user experience is elevated by combining these powerful features with the benefits of visual thinking; improving the memory, engagement and productivity of students and educators alike.

Along with a free version of the service, DropTask offers a premium account – DropTask PRO, which gives unrestricted access to the full feature set of the app. Let’s take a closer look at how DropTask can be used within educational institutions for effective planning and organization.


Time is a valuable resource in education that can quite often be wasted or used ineffectively. That’s why it’s important to keep a schedule for everything that needs to be done to effectively allocate time and ensure all tasks are completed.

From organizing class programs for the year ahead, to planning individual lessons for the coming week; all activities can be scheduled and managed in DropTask. The ability to allocate due dates and set priorities for each individual task allows all project members to clearly see upcoming deadlines and distinguish between those to-dos that are of greater importance and urgency.


DropTask allows educators to work with coworkers in one collaborative workspace to easily share training materials, work on joint lesson plans, or coordinate cross-classroom activities. Working in real-time, staff members can access projects from any device - as well as being able to set workflows, delegate tasks and add comments or suggestions; keeping everyone connected and on the same page.

Students can collaborate and share information in a similar way with peers when undertaking group activities. Group members can work together and see exactly what needs to be done by assigning responsibilities, engaging in conversations and even adding reminders to their tasks for that extra peace of mind to ensure the project is completed on time.


DropTask connects with other popular tools to add extra power to projects and to help streamline the way educators and students work. Two-way integrations with both Evernote and iMindMap allow for a seamless transformation of initial notes and ideas into actionable tasks, helping the user to see things right through from conception to completion.

Once in DropTask, everything task-related can be kept together by uploading files directly from the computer or through Google Drive and Dropbox - meaning important documents can be shared easily with coworkers and students within their relevant projects.

The ability to send Outlook or Gmail emails straight into DropTask (where they become new tasks), helps educators to stay on top of their incoming responsibilities without losing track of any important to-dos that could get pushed to the bottom of the inbox.

Get started today by signing up for free here.

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