HelloTalk Foreign Language Exchange App - Intuitive Tools to Explore for Language Learning

HelloTalk Foreign Language Exchange App - Free Calls and Intuitive Tools to Explore for Language Learning

Learning foreign language comprises of developing four main competencies namely, oral and written comprehension, and oral communication and written communication. The main issue arises, when learners need practice to speak.

Verbal communication is needed for speaking the targeted language fluently. Even if you truly honed the language, it is necessary to practice consistently, so that it does not get rusty.

HelloTalk is a language exchange app designed to help users to learn or hone their language. It allows language learners to contact people all around the world with a similar desire. For example, you can learn to speak Spanish from native speakers with their desire to learn your English language.

This is a good solution for both participants to exchange their native language expertise and help their language learning partner. If you desire to learn second language to build strong business relationship, then HelloTalk app can help you. In business relationships, it is good to know and comfortably use and understand the jargons and informal expressions. This helps to make the relationships better.

Finding an appropriate language partner takes time because the person you select needs to be patient and keen to practice consistently. HelloTalk app is a good source because you can chat with learning partners from anywhere or without leaving the bed, house, or swimming pool.

Download and get registered

Download the HelloTalk app and fill your profile. Learners can register one target and one native language for free but with paid option, you can unlock more. Get connected to your Twitter account, write, or record an intro about yourself. Users can keep their details private or you can use advanced private settings, in order to hide details like location or age.

Search function

After signing in, HelloTalk app navigates you towards its Search function. You can start seeking learners that match your needs. The app suggests matches with right native/target language grouping, but you are not limited to these options. If you find a potential match, send a partner request. You will find that many of them are not available online right away to accept your request, so you need to wait for their acceptance.

Useful features

HelloTalk includes tiny useful features like it shows the time, where your exchange partner resides, and supports emoji. In addition, you can send photos, doodles, and voice messages.

HelloTalk has an interface with helpful buttons and settings. Users can communicate in different ways they find convenient like instant messages, free phone calls, and voice messages. In addition, get computer read any message to understand the vernacular and accent. Translate message to the set target language and convert a Latin script to another writing system.

Correction and reviews

Once you start chatting, there may be some errors in your partner’s messages. The app includes long-press feature, allowing users to correct partner's writing easily.

The correction you received gets saved automatically in the favorite section. Thus, you can review it, whenever needed. To keep exchange balanced between users the app has included Language Dedicated Mode, which reminds both learners, when it is time to change languages.

It is logical to be prepared with a few topics to make your language exchange partner feel comfortable. It is necessary to make your first talk interesting to build good rapport. Language practice is regular activity, so it is necessary to have patience and be disciplined. 

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