National Taiwan University and PaGamO to Host The World’s First Ever Online Calculus World Cup Battle

The World’s First Ever Online Calculus World Cup Battle!

Hosted by one of Asia’s leading universities National Taiwan University and one of the most renowned Taiwanese startups BoniO Inc., mathematicians from around the globe can look forward to the first-ever e-sports event in Calculus, the Calculus World Cup 2016 (CWC).

The competition that kicks off in February 2016 will be hosted on the first-ever social gaming platform for education, PaGamO. As a unique opportunity for students around the globe to showcase their passion and talent for Calculus, the competition invites all top universities from around the world to nominate teams to represent their institutions at the Calculus World Cup 2016. Students can win prizes worth over $ 70.000 and will get to participate in the final round held in Taipei, Taiwan!

As one of Asia’s most renowned innovators of education and gamification in the classroom NTU Prof. Benson Yeh thinks that “the Calculus World Cup will be the first step to show educators from around the world how powerful gamification can be to motivate and teach students. It may be a novel topic now, but I believe that gamification for education will be a must-have just five years from now and I invite my fellow teachers and educators to see this potential as well.”

To invite educators to also participate in this gigantic event, NTU and BoniO invite professors to join the platform’s seed program to try out the game in their classes and with their students! “We hope that this way teachers will see the benefits of gamification and at the same time give their students the opportunity to get used to PaGamO before being challenged in the World Cup!”, Prof. Yeh explains.

The registration for the competition is now open at

Because the Calculus World Cup is a team achievement students are invited to form teams of three to conquer the world of Calculus together as a team! For more information interested readers can follow the respective Social Media pages and visit the CWC website.

Register Online Here:

*Registration ends 02/15/2016.

Preliminary Round:

02/15/2016 - 02/22/2016 12:00 (GMT+8)

-Held on PaGamO Online

-Open 24 hours/day

Final Round:


Watch the CWC video:

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