YouTube Channels You Should Follow To Know About Geography

YouTube Channels You Should Follow To Know About Geography

Derived from Greek word Geographia, meaning "earth description"; Geography is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth.

To put is simply, that would be "to describe, picture or write about the earth".

And for those who want to know all about the earth, below is a list of 5 amazing YouTube channels that you must follow to learn something new in Geography everyday.

Check out the list!

1. GeographyNow

Want to go places? The Perfect channel for you. This channel covers every single country of the world. Get playlists on each country of every continent. The videos explain about the countries, their flags history behind the flag and name of the countries. Political geography.

Get a hint from the video below:


2. WonderWhy

The world is complicated! And if you wonder why get help on this channel. Learn about the complex borders and the most complex international border. America! Country or Continent? Get all the answers. Why Korea split into North and South Korea. There is “No end” to your learning on this channel. Explore more and more with each click.

3. GeographyHub

A dedicated channel to feed all the geo heads. Learn what exactly makes up our world, and how it has shaped our history, culture and personal lives. Talk about continents, rivers, oceans, countries, culture, and anything that can be labeled on a map.

4. #Geography

Know more about Geography & Culture, Geography & Landform, Geography & Bible, NCERT Geography, videos to teach kids about Geography and anything that has to do with geography. Basically you will get everything on this encyclopedia of all geo related stuff!

5. NASA Goddard

And this one has some serious stuff to offer. Watch for the latest in NASA's research into planetary science, astrophysics, Earth observing, and solar science.

A good channel to get the best of geography from the best people around the globe.

So all you Geograpeeps, enjoy and keep adding to the list!


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