ScreenChomp: The iPad App to Record. Sketch. Share!

ScreenChomp: The iPad App to Record. Sketch. Share!

ScreenChomp is a free doodling app for iPad that lets you create videos and share with the world.

Teachers and students can create short tutorials or lessons on their iPad and share them with others. User can demonstrate things simply by drawing and talking, giving instructions and explaining concepts along with it as the app records your voice as you go. 

How to get started:

You simply touch the record button; draw on the whiteboard using the available pens and markers; and provide a running narrative. ScreenChomp records your voice and drawing and then allows you to upload your creation to

After uploading your video, you will be provided with a link that you can share via e-mail, Twitter, or on the clipboard. Nothing could be easier than that! Its simply doodling with markers having fun and learning comes as a by-product.

See likeability by users and review of the product by graphite expert Amanda Bindel.

Other significant features of the app are:

  • ScreenChomp also allows you to make annotations on an image or photo in much the same way you will on the whiteboard.
  • The “Erase Ell” feature is a neat option when you need to write new information on the board or want to create a new page. However, there’s also an eraser that allows you to clear just parts of the screen.
  • Use colored markers to sketch and get different colors just by holding for 3 seconds.
  • Insert images as background for a more creative approach from your iPad’s camera roll to doodle on.

To get a feel of the product, do watch this video.

ScreenChomp is free, yet highly intuitive and powerful app that you and your students can quickly master. We would like to know your experience with ScreenChomp. Do share with us in the comment box below. 

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