Why KidzType Can Be Your Online Typing School

KidzType Can Be Your Online Typing School

With the growth in apps, tools and resources there is a huge need of niche platforms to impart various skills to kids.

When kids are using laptops, tablets and other e-devices from a young age, they must be good in their typing skill and its speed too. A little practice from the beginning can help in a good way.

Online platforms like KidzType (which I came across this week), have a great collection of various games that can help students with their typing speed. With hands on these games, kids can learn how to touch/type alphabets, words, various symbols and numeric step by step by playing various levels of the different games.

The basic options like Typing Lessons, Typing Exercise and Typing Practices are simple ways to get your kids into improving their typing speed.

These games have various levels so that kids can choose from according to the potential they have. Users simply have to type/touch what is shown on the screen, kids can practice alphabets, signs, shift key, combination of letters and space bar followed by higher levels where user can practice sentences and paragraphs. Each type of game has different levels that get difficult as they one precedes. As kids write what they see on the screen, letter turns into green and all the red highlights are the mistakes made.    

The Typing Web Lessons enable kids to choose a particular lesson, then based on that lesson words are provided on the games. Lessons are categorized based on rows, symbols, number rows, to and bottom row, shift key, and more. 

The games are free to play and can be enjoyed by kids with Internet connection.  Parents would also be happy with the fact that the games are specially designed for kids and in no way would impart bad thinking to kids in any way or other.

Apart from the typing lessons, practices and exercises; they also have 3 other typing games i.e. Car Rider, Ninja vs. Zombies and Vampire Hunter. 

Car Rider:

This one is a fun car racing game. The game comprises of 3 levels. The first level is where user have to type 3 alphabet words that appear on the screen to win the race and similarly in the second level user have to type four alphabet words and the final level have words that are 5 alphabet and I final sentence “I won the game”. Kids will enjoy the game as to come first and win they will have to correctly type all the words flashing on the screen.  

Ninja vs. Zombies:

As you hit “start game”, you will get to choose from easy words, medium words, hard words, top row, home row and bottom row.  The game play is very interesting. Zombies approach the ninja and each zombie comes with a word for user to type before it reaches the ninja. The moment user completes the word the zombie disappears and in case user is not able to complete typing the word, the zombie will attack on ninja. Multiple attacks will kill the ninja player. All together, type as fast as possible to complete the game. 

Vampire Hunter:

The game play is similar to that of ninja vs. zombies but the display is much better and the graphics are cool. So kids may enjoy this one more. Give them their choice.

With these typing games you can be assured that kids will be able to pick the typing pace and won’t lag behind.

Try the games with your kids and share your experience with in the comment section below!  

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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