How to Make Online Admissions Simple: Popular Trend In Indian Schools

How to Make Online Admissions Simple: Popular Trend In Indian Schools

School admissions have always been a hectic task, both for the parents and the school administration.

For parents, it is a daunting task to keep in track with form issue dates, submission dates, travel and stand in long queues just to get an admission form and again to submit it. To keep the options open, you need to apply to at least three to six schools, so the chore just gets multiplied. Also, for few parents who may have to relocate due to the nature of their jobs, relocation along with the admission process in schools presents a new set of problems in the new place.

Coming to schools, it starts with releasing the issue date, issuing of forms, managing the overwhelming number of application forms and above all manually maintaining all the data and processing it within a dead line.

Keeping in mind the complications and possibilities of occurrence of errors at all stages of the admission process, what we explored is has come up with a solution which is beneficial to both the parties involved by reducing the paper work and liberating them from all the stress of deadlines and repetition work and is gaining popularity. is an online school admissions system that automates the complete admission procedure. It is a sophisticated, online admissions & enrollment software to strengthen your relationships. It provides a platform which enables the users i.e. parents as well as schools to use the data which has to be put in only once. 

With basic feature to collect the information into a single database, the system makes it easy to access and retrieve, both for the institutes & the applicants. Since the data is saved in a database, there is no need for the schools to keep a register manually and is always handy to be used at different occasions. As a key benefit, this drastically reduces the time spent on clerical work within admission procedure and frees up time to be spent on other important tasks. Worth mentioning is the increased visibility of the schools when they are reachable without physically being there.

From the parents’ point of view, no more travelling, standing in long queues and repetition of task of getting, filling and submitting the applications. Online Application forms are now available at your service. Parents can fill up the form from the comfort of their home, at their leisure. As a benefit to parents, once an application is filled the same data can be retrieved and used to put in multiple applications saving time and effort with an added advantage of getting important alerts regarding the same.

Here’s what we could pull off as the feedback by one of the parent who used the platform,"Getting admission for my first child was a nightmare. We had just moved into the city and were still in the process of getting accustomed to the city. I had no idea which school to choose for my child. I went to the one which was near our home. I had to stand in the queue for 3 hours just to get the application form."

He further adds, "I am glad I don’t have to go through the same ordeal for my second child. Online admission is a great boon. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but when I made my mind to use EnrolmentDesk, all my doubts disappeared. EnrolmentDesk is a perfect blend for problems the parents and schools face during admissions as it offers a comprehensive list of preschool, schools and high schools in your area. After going through the schools list and admission process on the platform, I was easily guided on even submitting admission form online. What I liked the most was their institute compare - review and ratings functions, I zeroed on a school and completed the admission process with online payment facility with ease. I am really glad and thankful to EnrolmentDesk for their amazing services."

We believe platforms like EnrolmentDesk are a big need for Indian schools. As more and more preschools and schools get into it, the more advantageous it becomes to both the parents and the school administration.

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