YouTube Channels You Must Follow To Get Your English Right

YouTube Channels You Must Follow To Get Your English Right

Below are some fantastic YouTube channels which can help you master your English. Learn English online for free!

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BBC Learning English

With a proper timetable for the week, spend few minutes each day to work on a particular skill and enhance your English. This channel will help you access great grammar, drama, news, study, pronunciation, vocabulary, music, interviews and celebrity videos.

The timetable is as follows:


Vocabulary Day - vocabulary and study tips to help you build your vocabulary


Grammar Day - everything you need to know about grammar in 6 minutes


News Day - learn English through the language of the news


How To Day - learn English phrases that you can use in everyday situations


Drama Day - Sit back and enjoy our drama productions, specially created to support you as you learn English.

English Lessons with Alex

This is a great channel I came across. This one is sorted in three parts beginners, intermediate and advanced lessons for your ease. Also, those preparing for IELTS & TOEFL will find great English proficiency lessons. The interesting thing that I found on this channel is that they have videos with titles like learn English with the Hunger Games or Star Wars or the Pac-Man way, which is a fun way to get you started. 

British Council Learn English

Expand your knowledge of English with the most renowned British Council Lessons. The best thing is they have playlists sorted in a manner that users can excel the set they wish to. Explore Shakespeare, IELTS or basic grammar on this channel simply by playing a perfect playlist that will cover all the aspects. The channel also has something for the kids. You can easily find kids stories and nursery rhymes for the little ones.

Rachel’s English

This one is for those who specifically want to master the American accent. New videos are added on weekly basis and for the non-natives, closed caption guides in every video.   The series of “how-to-say…in American English” videos is a must watch.

EnglishLessons4U – Learn English With Ronnie   

Get access to English lessons on grammar, pronunciation, grammar, spelling and more. Interesting videos on this channel are the ones that talk about confused words and the missed situations.  

Benjamin’s English Classes

With a special focus on learners speaking skills this channel features some amazing videos that will definitely improve your dialogues and conversations next time you talk in English. Along with this, you can also improve your vocabulary and grammar from his videos.

Fun English

A must channel to follow for people with small kids. This one features lessons for kids to teach them English as their second language. Ideal for ages 3-10, the channel covers a range of topics like naming objects, colors, adjectives of description, body parts and a lot more. The videos are presented in a fun and engaging manner to keep kids engaged. Cartoons and other fun visuals are integrated so that kids can learn while enjoying.

eVidyarthi: Basics of English Speaking for Beginners

Get your hold on tenses, grammar, phrases and improve your speaking skills with videos from this channel. 

Learn English With Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons

Now this is something completely different!  The channel features some unique videos like snack time vocabulary, food vocabulary, phrases with the use of one particular word. And apart from all these fun and knowledgeable videos you can get some serious tips on how to improve your business writing, corporate training, IELTS & TOEFL lessons.  

A.J. Hoge

Learn it from the expert. The #1 English teacher in the world. Learn speaking English effortlessly and improve your vocabulary, spoken grammar, and pronunciation much faster.

VOA Learning English

A rather different approach to make you learn English. Learn American English with news reports that are read at a slower speed along with sub titles so that you can grasp the accent easily and have a better grip at words.  

Go Natural English

And this channel will make you a pro to understand what those native speaks. The channel emphasis on the native speakers so you get to learn from the naturals. Improve English fluency, read faster and learn it to the extend that it comes to you naturally.

Which other channels do you follow? Share with us in the comment section below!

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