Magic Desktop 9.1 Converts Windows Into An Educational And Safe Playground For Kids

Magic Desktop 9.1 is an educational platform for kids aged 2 to 10 which provides more than 50,000 interactive activities, games and videos carefully    developed and selected for the youngest audience.

Magic Desktop for kids converts operating system Windows 7 & 8 into a magic world full of interesting applications, creates a safe and stimulating environment where kids can improve their computer literacy at their own pace.

The intelligent content selection  allows  one  not to get lost in the vast amount of information and provides users with different activities according to their age and personal preferences. Children can learn numbers, letters, colors and shapes, develop their cognitive abilities such as memory, imagination or attention. The educational games combine education with play and offer hours of entertainment. With the help of the funny giraffe Ge kids will learn basic concepts of arithmetic, mathematics, reading, geography, etc. Applications like Rainbow, Easy Paint or Talking Parrot will boost children’s creativity and language development.

The application is available in more than 20 languages that makes it a perfect fit for multilingual families as well as for the parents who would like their children to speak one or more foreign languages.

Parental control allows to adjust the important features to parents’ or teachers’ needs: choose the number of hours which a kid will spend online, select the day of the week when the use of computer is not allowed, set own rules and award accomplishments with No Homework No Play option. All parental features are password protected and children cannot leave this safe environment on their own.

A safe browser lets parents search and approve appropriate websites and a secure e-mail client Magic Mail hides spam and phishing messages while allowing parental supervision of new contacts. In this way, children can enjoy the advantages of safe internet and parents can be sure that their child never starts conversations with a stranger.

Magic Desktop 9.1 is a powerful tool which encourages learning, protects children online and offers lots of educational content personalized for each user. In 2015 various schools worldwide have installed the software in their computer labs, furthermore, Magic Desktop for kids has been used more recently by homeschooling parents as a supplement to the traditional methods of education.


Magic Desktop for free download is available here:

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