U.S. Teachers Can Now Access Free Beta Version of Award-Winning PaGamO Online Social Gaming Platform for Education

U.S. Teachers Can Now Access Free Beta Version of Award-Winning PaGamO Online Social Gaming Platform for Education

BoniO’s PaGamO Makes Learning Fun All Year Long, Improves Student Performance 90%

TAIPEI CITY, March 29, 2016 — BoniO Inc., a leading education gamification software company, today announced the launch of its flagship PaGamO online social gaming platform in the U.S. An award-winning platform that is packed with innovative features and fully aligned with Common Core standards, PaGamO gives educators a fresh new way to approach teaching. A free test version is now available via the game’s public beta launch, and teachers are invited to try PaGamO and inspire their students for the remainder of the school year with a social, interactive game platform that makes learning exciting and fun.

The first-ever online social gaming platform for education, PaGamO is based on the principles of classic board games like Risk and Settlers of Catan. It encourages students to build their own kingdom of knowledge, wealth and land by answering questions and solving mini-quizzes. While learning and reviewing materials in a gamified environment, students are confronted with questions adapted to their abilities and assessed through elaborate back-end analytics in real time.

The game has proven effective for students of all ages, from kindergarten through high school, and even in higher education. In fact, close to 90% of students using PaGamO report that they are able to perform more challenging tasks when practicing content in PaGamO, and 88% of students say they receive educational benefits through playing.

While it is both fun and educational for students, PaGamO is also an excellent tool for educators, enabling them to teach their students more effectively. Teachers can create new learning assignments, assessments and homework via the game. Additionally, PaGamO takes into account varying student needs. The grouping function allows teachers to assign personalized curricula easily. Once the assignments are completed, instructors can dive into a set of helpful statistics that not only provide a thorough understanding of each individual student’s abilities, but also identify difficult topics and the overall class status.

University of Michigan graduate and widely renowned education innovator Professor Benson Yeh from National Taiwan University originally invented the game to raise his students’ motivation in class, but he soon realized that PaGamO could have an even bigger impact and decided to make the platform available to educators and students worldwide:

“We launched PaGamO in my probability course on Coursera with about 4,000 students, and they absolutely loved it,” Professor Yeh said. “Our course completion rate was significantly higher than expected, and students kept asking for more problems to solve on PaGamO. It’s my vision that every student can enjoy learning with PaGamO. I am convinced that gaming for education will be a must-have in the future, and I think PaGamO should and will be part of that.”

With the public beta launch of PaGamO in the U.S., the company is taking another major step toward making the game available for all teachers. Having worked with hundreds of teachers and used their feedback to make PaGamO a perfect classroom management tool, the PaGamO team feels confident that they will be able to meet educators’ needs.

“Teachers helped us shape PaGamO,” explained Professor Yeh. “Now teachers in the U.S. can use the game in the classroom, to assign homework, for exam preparation and for self-assessment for students and evaluation by teachers.”

With the game’s users already numbering over 190,000 learners and educators around the globe, including Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League schools in the U.S., PaGamO is quickly becoming a popular classroom tool. Find out more at www.pagamo.org.

About BoniO Inc.

With a mission to create the best educational software for students and learners of all ages, BoniO Inc. specializes in gamification for education, continuously creating innovative platforms to help teachers engage students and improve classroom performance. BoniO’s first product, the award-winning online social gaming platform PaGamO, has already been installed in thousands of schools in Asia and the U.S. and counts over 190,000 users worldwide. The company was founded in 2014 by Professor Benson Yeh of National Taiwan University and his business partner, Jason Ho. Learn more about BoniO at www.official.pagamo.org.

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