How Vericant Is Defining The Future Of International Admissions?

Can Vericant Define The Future Of International Admissions?

Students are moving out for their education and the process of admissions are getting more complex with the number of increasing students that want to get their seats before anyone else does.

The Vericant Communication Assessment is the most widely-required video interview and spoken English assessment in North America.

Meant for US - China educational exchange, the role of Vericant is to bridge the gap by accepting the best of applicants and the process is completed by a face-to-face video interview with the applicant, where the interviewee can judge the applicant's communication skills, a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s spoken English ability as demonstrated during the interview, a proctored writing sample and an ID check to verify the applicant’s identity.

"Our interviews enable admissions teams to make a more informed and confident decision about whether or not to proceed with the candidate," says Fung, COO, Vericant. She adds that her company takes no steps to assess applicants' performances, but simply provides the interview footage to admissions offices for their own grading. From there the universities can compare the interview performances with the students' other application documents, and ensure everything measures up.

Check out the full story on how Vericant keeps Chinese students applying to Canadian universities accountable with video interviews.

As the institutions see increasing applications, the tool makes a lot of sense by making the admission processes easier for the institution. Also, Vericant guarantees that there are no coaches behind the scenes, applicants are not given the questions beforehand, and questions are chosen randomly. The information they give is factual and is an accurate representation of each applicant’s abilities.

One of the Vericant’s client talks of Vericant as “The Vericant Interview shows a depth of English proficiency (or sometimes lack thereof) that can’t be fully determined from a test score. One of our applicants had a TOEFL score over 100 but was barely proficient in the interview. The SEE score and easy to use applicant dashboard allowed us to quickly determine a student’s true communication skills. I am very pleased with Vericant and am considering requiring the interview for more applicants next year.” – Kathleen Crisp, Assistant Director of Admission, International Students at the University of the Pacific

Watch this video below to know how it works:

The company already works with heavy hitters like Claremont McKenna College and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Columbia University.

Vericant along with institutions provides an effective way for authorities to evaluate the applicants and thereby making abroad admissions easier for both the students and the institutions.

Check out their website to know more about it and don’t forget to share your views about Vericant with us.

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