Why Studying Will Soon Be Your New Favourite Hobby

Why Studying Will Soon Be Your New Favourite Hobby

Like the few people who can run 5 miles and not break into a sweat, or leap out of bed in the morning without a hint of fatigue, those who enjoy studying are in the minority.

It’s true that revising for an exam is one of life’s necessary evils, but with time – and the right tools – it can become (almost!) enjoyable for everyone.

To help you begin to look forward to some time spent in your room, a textbook or two by your side, we’ve put together this convenient study guide to ensure studying soon becomes your new favorite hobby. Here’s how:

Organise Subjects into Hour-long Blocks

Do something too much and you can quickly lose interest – and the same goes for studying. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of taking in the information your brain will need to hang onto, the best thing to do is organise your time – and subjects – into hour-long chunks.

If you must, set a timer to divide up each hour, giving yourself a five or 10-minute break after each to enjoy some much-needed time away from textbooks.

Ensuring you have this quick breather following each hour will help you soldier on when you might otherwise be feeling tired or uninspired. Instead, try to keep things interesting and fresh by breaking up subjects wherever possible.

Tips for Studying, Make it Social Social

Providing you choose the right study guide, revising for exams can be both enjoyable and fruitful. Select your ‘study buddy’ wisely, though; choose the wrong person and you’ll find you’re spending the time chatting rather than knuckling down.

Plan out your hour-long chunks of revision time and try to both stick to them. Then, use your 10-minute break to grab a quick snack or test each other on what you’ve gleaned so far.

Studying together helps reinforce one another’s knowledge and gives you the additional confidence you might both need ahead of an exam.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Mobile Phone

Everyone learns at their own pace, which often means that (for some people, at least) classroom-based teaching isn’t always the best way to retain facts pre-exam.

If this sounds like you, think about complementing class-based learning with an at-home revision programme that works for you. This could be anything from watching educational YouTube videos to hiring an online tutor to give you some additional coaching.

Have you also considered your mobile phone? With access to some of the very best educational apps at your very fingertips, why wouldn’t you shake up the way you do things?

Your personal assistant, mobile phone apps can help you do everything from organise your time to get the answers you’re looking for to some of your course’s trickiest questions yet. Some apps are so smart they can help you do everything from effortlessly take notes in a classroom, to put a slideshow presentation together, and even formulate an essay. But when it comes to exams, they’re your one-stop-shop to getting your best grades yet.

Keep Snacks Close By

When you’re on a roll with revision, the last thing you’ll want to do is break off to make yourself a snack. Instead, keep small treats like flapjacks or fruit close to hand and then when you’re feeling peckish you can simply ‘reward’ yourself with a quick break for something tasty.

Once you’ve started organising your time into hour-long blocks, you’ll be surprised how a simple thing like promising yourself you’ll stop for a 10-minute ‘flapjack break’ will spur you on to work harder.

Why not try some of these tips today and see if you can give yourself the confidence boost you need ahead of your exams?

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Why Studying Will Soon Be Your New Favourite Hobby

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