Great Companies Promoting Industry Relevant Learning for Students

Great Companies Promoting Industry Relevant Learning for Students

Unhealthy career jobs can be described as the choices that are made by individuals based only on the academic degrees they hold or in some cases “the herd mentality” lands them in jobs that does not complement their desires and personalities.

Usually, when kids enroll for higher education they are in their phase of exploring more options and more choices they could opt as a career for themselves and by the time they complete their higher education they are left with a paper degree and an unknown pressure to start working.  Sad but true in many cases, they get themselves into jobs and industries they don't feel connected to.

To do work that you don't enjoy doing is the one of the biggest pain. Indulging in jobs that do not match ones interest makes them feel obligated to do things they don’t desire to do and as a result they are unable to put the best effort and bloom in respective area.

Industry Relevant Learning plays a significant role here, as it prepares individuals by training and helping them acquire skills that would help students make better choices and have gainful employment.

Check out this list of companies that are helping students in acquiring skills that can help them be on the right career path in alignment with industry relevant learning.


About: Understanding the need and importance of having digital skills, this platform is helping job aspirers acquire digital skills and offer various courses for creatives, thinkers and makers. This platform can not only help you gain skills but also enables you to find a job that suits your requirements.  

Found In: 2012

Found By: Adda Birnir



About: TalentSprint provides professional education development programs, creating skillful professionals for the IT and BFSI sectors. Read their success story on this Business Standard post where the founders share their vision, mission and ambitions for the company.  

Found In: 2009

Found By: Santanu Paul, Madhu Murty Ronanki and J A Chowdary

Work Done: With offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Thiruvanthapuram and Chennai, TalentSprint reaches out to a little more than 70 colleges across South India.



About: Found in 2007, UniGEO offers traditional courses world wide and an interactive e-learning program – GeoCLASS. University of Bergen and the University of Oslo, together have created the best system for education and development of expertise for the industry. GeoCLASS is used both by the oil and gas industry and by professors and students at universities. The courses will increase the participants’ competence and are directly related to situations from the industry.

To check more about their program, click here.


About: The company is helping to enable solutions to bridge the gap between job seekers and potential employers through international skills development and certification to prove authentication. Providing courses  in various fields such as, IT Skills, English, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, etc., the firm aims to make potent tools available to the Indian masses living in the smallest of towns or the remotest of villages, where resides the majority of our population, particularly the jobless. To facilitate this, EduSkill is developing a nationwide network of partners and associates in every nook-and-corner of the country.

Found In: 2011

Found By: Ajay Batra, Rakesh Khanna, Surender Kumar Sharma  


Purple Squirrel Eduventures

About: One of the largets edtech platform with a main focus to make practical and industry relevant learning available and accessible to all. Check out this amazing story that shows hows this company is helping students decide future careers through industry visits!     

Found In: 2013

Found By: Aditya Gandhi and Sahiba  

Work Done: Purple Squirrel has already partnered with more than 450 companies and worked with 8,000 students from more than 100 colleges in 10 cities.


Everonn Skill Development

About:To make people skilled and ready to meet the demands of the industry, ESD provides relevant skills to youth using world class content and practices. ESDL delivers courses in the following sectors Retail, Apparel & Textile, Construction, Gaming & Animation, Engineering, Hospitality, Health Care, Automobile.


Globsyn Skill

About: India’s premier skill training organization, the company works as aproblem solver and provides solution to major sectors by covering the skill gap and training students and making them job ready. Read more on how the company aims to target Rs 100 crore turnover in 2016.  

Found In: 2011

Work Done: Working with the government, education and the private sector, Globsyn has already trained close to 40,000 youth across sectors.


Wadhwani Foundation

About: This amazing foundation has launched various programs that is helping people across india get skilled and get a job. The pragrams launches are mentioned below:

-- National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN): to inspire, educate and support emerging entrepreneurs.

-- Skills Development Network (SDN) that supports multiple high school, college and employer initiatives for entry-level mid-skill jobs.

-- Opportunity Network for Disabled (OND) is aimed at mainstreaming the educated disabled into sustainable high quality corporate jobs through a business value proposition.

-- Research and Innovation Network (RIN) aims to upgrade India’s research eco-system by catalyzing ‘Centers of Innovations’ in partnership with existing research institutes.

-- Wadhwani Center for Research and Policy (WCRP) provides data driven research inputs for informed policy actions towards creating an education led, human-capital driven growth economy.

Found In: 2000

Found By: Ramesh Wadhwani

Work Done: With large-scale education led initiatives driving international  skills development and job creation, the Foundation has launched five high impact education, training and research focused Initiatives in India that will lead to creation and fulfillment of 25 million jobs by 2020.



About: The Moodle-based platform features online modules to support professional skill development for graduate and post-doctoral students. The tag line for the program is “Find your Future“.  The aim of mygradskills is to give graduate students the opportunity to develop the skills they’ll need to succeed both in their graduate programs and beyond. One of the goals of the program is to expose students to career options available, over and above research opportunities.


IL&FS Skills Development Corporation

About: The model is based on the addressing the needs of the Industry and is therefore focused on making students work ready. The ‘learner centric’ approach ensures strong skills and employability foundation and smooth transition into employment for the trainee.

Work Done: They cater to the training needs of school drop-outs, X/XII grade pass-outs, vocationally trained and college graduates. With presence in over 15 districts of J&K has linked several Kashmiri youth to jobs in retail, hospitality and BPO sector companies in metro cities.


Keep on adding to the list. Make a mention in the comment section below.

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