Why Use Seesaw to Demonstrate Student Work

No matter what the reason may be, kids love using mobile devices.

Maybe it’s the ease they get to play around with it or maybe the way they can just keep saving their things in the form of pictures, videos and other multimedia things. Cherry on the top is the various educational apps that have helped us to use these devices productively.

A recent app I came across is SeeSaw app.  From the makers of the popular app, “The Shadow Puppet App” their new SeeSaw app enables kids to create their digital portfolio and share their learning with their teachers and parents. A perfect fit for institutions that are working on BYOD technique. This app enables kids as young as 5 to use and share their learning journey with their teachers and parents and the best part is that any form of multimedia is accepted on the app be it pictures, videos, texts or any other form.

The app comes with suite of various tools that can be used by the students to make their journal just the way they like it. They can add to their notes and pictures, edit their photos, videos, drawing or other material that they’d like to share.  Students can even get feedback from their teachers. Also, teachers can select material and make it accessible to parents. The app provides a lot of comfort to teachers as once set up; teachers can easily communicate with parents and students. Teachers have the option to review a feed of an entire class' work or view it by a specific student, which is especially handy for the timely conferences.   .

How to Set Up:

Saving everybody the pain of long login processes, this app just works with QR codes whereas for older students, email sign-in can be used. To connect with parents, teachers have to share the QR Code with parents with which they can access their kid’s activity over the app. Though Seesaw education app is free for teachers and parents to use, parents wanting access to kids' work from year to year will need to purchase a parent premium subscription

Other Key Features:

- Use folders to organize content by subject or learning goals.

- Students get a sense of ownership over their learning and learn to take control of their learning.

- Simple QR code login, student-friendly content creation tools, and teacher approval of new items all make Seesaw safe for students to use independently.

- Add directly from many popular content creation apps (Shadow Puppet Edu, PicCollage, Book Creator, Explain Everything, iMovie, Skitch, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Docs, Pages, Drive, and more).

- Kid friendly (Auto-Focused) camera for the younger ones.

- Seesaw supports SMS, Email, and app notifications for parents

- The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome books, Kindle, or computers with Chrome or Firefox.

All together the app works as a learning management system with which teachers can track the performance of the students and also collaborate with the parents to make it best for the student, the twist is the way kids actually enjoy presenting their learning experience in the form of their journal and how it enables the educators to create the love for learning.

Check out this video below to get a feel of the app:

Educators must try this app with students and share your experiences with us in the comment section below.    

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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