Book Lovers Won’t Miss These Communities

Book Lovers Won’t Miss These Communities

Hello to all the book lovers. Being a book lover myself I can completely understand what a book really means to us. It’s not just a book, it’s the characters we can relate to in everyday life, it’s a story that comes to life every time we open those

 magical pages which take us to a different world and much more, and making sure of going into the right place for sharing our thoughts, searching for the right kind of books can be quite a task.Infact the most common problem of a book lover is where to find the right kind of online book resource and book lover community.

As the internet is a vast ocean of information, choosing your type of place can sometimes be tedious. I know many writers, poets who wish to get their books published, share with their friends and family, join book clubs etc, but do not know where to avail these services. So here we come for your rescue. Choosing the right kind of reader’s community is necessary, which should be considered very deeply as every community has its own tailor made services. To make your work easier, here are some of the communities you should not miss.

  1. Booktagger is a booklovers site with an interesting touch to it. It not only provides with you with book reviews but is a whole avenue wherein you can create your own profiles and pages of books you like which they call their “book shelf”. In very easy steps you can have your own book shelf profile which you can also share with your family and friends. So it’s like mini face book only for book lovers. It also consists of a unique column called the book clubs wherein people communicate with each other; share their opinions on how they felt about a book or a character.
  2. Good Reads is a mixture of book reviews, polls on various kinds of books and a lot more. Spread across 13 million book lovers it also has the option of promoting your own book to its readers. This books reader’s community  provides reviews, has different sections such as trivia, quizzes, quotes and also gives awards like the Best fiction of 2012,the Best fantasy Book of  2012.You have lots to look forward on this site.
  3. Nothing Binding is a global stage for writers, authors, poets to promote their articles, write ups etc on a global platform. Its members are given the opportunity for their articles to be reviewed by certified book reviewers. It’s an easy and clutter free way of joining writers clubs, share your views with the world and also find book buyers across the globe.
  4. Online Book Club is another book lover’s community you should look forward to. Through a vote all its members choose a book to read every month and then at the end of every month they review the whole book amongst themselves, I find this a very intriguing exercise wherein people from different backgrounds give their views and perceptions together and all its members learn more through this shared knowledge as sometimes others can give some interesting insights we never thought about.
  5. Library Thing: Another interesting reader’s community that I came across is a Library Thing. Its members can catalogue their books into various categories like the books they liked, the books they’ve read. It connects people on the basis of the books they’ve shared together. It has a huge online book resource and one can easily avail to it by just a click of a button.
  6. WattPad is one of the book lover’s communities with blogs and forums on how to improve your writing, share you stories and also consists of various books that you would like to read. It has a personal eBook for everyone and you can reach out to millions and share your thoughts.
  7. Shelfari: This book lovers community has a vast bank of eBook resource. Its members are allowed to post their favorite books on the news feed itself. It also gives description to the book with a summary and also briefing about the book characters. You also have the option of buying the book through Amazon and what not. This one’s sure to be on your list.
  8. Readers Place: Apart from helping you create and manage your own book club and reading guides. This community is well known for its book of the month and the personal question and answer corner with the author.

No matter which community you end up being a member of. All these have a special feature about themselves that shines them over than the other. You only need to ask the question, which community do I belong to?

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