Cyber Bullying Pictures and Posters For Your Classroom

The world is getting digital and the digital crimes can be witnessed a lot around us.

Cyber Bullying is one such crime which is often practiced by young students. Unable to understand the consequences of this online crime, it is essential to instill kids with right use of internet and behave responsibly in the online world.

Check out these cyber bullying posters and pictures that you can use to keep students aware and help them differentiate between rights and wrongs of web!

1. Teach kids how to stop cyber bullying with the 4 steps mentioned in the image.


Img src

2. A very creative way to teach kids about the sense of using internet and stay safe online.


Img src

3. Make them follow the mentioned pointers and stay cautious in the online world.


Img src

4. Facebook being the most loved platform for all, teach kids how they have to be safe on the Facebook.


Img src

5. Familiar with all the pictured icons, explain why is it necessary to think before hitting the button.


Img src

6. Make them follow the cyber rules to keep them cyber safe.


Img src

7. Self-Reflect before Self-Reveal!

This one poster is a great way to teach kids the questions they need to ask themselves before posting things online.


Img src

8. But what to do if you are being bullied? Help kids explain what they have to do if they ever encounter cyber bullying.


Img src

9. Rules of cyber world can help you be safe online. 


Img src

10. And the last message, always speak up and take a stand against Cyber Bullying.


Img src

How do you help your students be safe online? Share with us in the comment section below.   


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