[EdTech in Asia] EdTech Startups and Companies from China You Should Know About

[EdTech in Asia] EdTech Startups from China You Should Know About

Ed-tech companies based in China raised $321M in equity investments across 26 deals last year.

This is up over 400% in funding terms, and 18% in deals year-over-year. And the number of EdTech companies coming out of China is increasing. This signifies that China is all up to make a mark in the EdTech sector.

Below is a list of EdTech startups and companies from China providing access to education using technology.

1) Yuan Tiku

About: An online education product that has launched material for the National College Entrance Exam, administrative aptitude tests, essay tests for civil servants, entrance exams for postgraduates, first-level constructor exams, law counselor of enterprises exams, junior accountant exams, securities qualification exams, and more.

Yuantiku is an exercise database that provides authoritative contents of previous years' examinations for students. Based on the knowledge level of students, it can also provide tailored exercises to improve their efficiency. It offers computer-based exercises as well as smartphone-based exercises.

Found In: 2012

Found By: Yong Li

Funding: In recent funding the company raised $60 Million. Investors include IDG Capital Partners and Matrix Partners China.   

2) Kuailexue

About: Kuailexue is an online education technology company in China. The first product launched by Kuailexue was a ‘smart high school English exam’ that covered 18 sets of national college entrance examinations around the city, mock examinations, and various regional inter-school joint examinations and meets the different needs of students and teachers. Students can use inquiry and position questions with a PC or mobilephone to do targeted practice in order to improve their academic performance.

Found In: 2013

Found By: Yingming Lin

Funding: raised $5 million in late 2014.  

3) 17Zuoye

About: 17zuoye is an online learning platform for students K-12, as well as teachers and parents. The name means “homework together” in Chinese, and the site aims to serve as a nexus for all three groups to facilitate the educational experience, focusing on English and Math classes.

Found In: 2007

Found By: Liu Chang

Funding: the company raised $100 Million in February, 2015.  

4) Hujiang.com

About: It is a professional Internet learning platform, to provide users with convenient, high-quality learning information, learning communities, learning tools and teaching e-learning platform of products and services covering language, study, career, interests and more.

Found In: 2001

Found By: Cairui Fu

Funding: raised $157 Million recently in October 2015.

5) NetDragon Education

About: Targeted at students in kindergarten to high school, NetDragon’s online education platform is accessible through websites or mobile apps

Found In: 2014

Found By: Liu Dejian 

Funding: Raised $52.5 Million in 2015 from investors including IDG Capital, Vertex Venture, and Alpha Animation.

6) Genshuixue

About: This is a website and mobile app that allows users to search for courses, both local and online, in a variety of subjects from piano to SAT prep. The platform works like a search directory for those looking for a tutor. Users can browse all of the teachers of that subject in their area. The site includes user comments and verifies details like teachers’ professional qualifications so users can be sure of what they’re getting. Once they’re done browsing their options, users can register and pay for their classes online.

Found In: June 2014

Found By: Chen Xiangdong

Funding: Raised $50 Million in early 2015.  

7) Xingshuai Teach

About: Xingshuai Teach began as a website for learning Photoshop. Since then, it has accumulated 32 courses, most in the areas of graphics, images, video, and design. The curriculum is a combination of interactive video and forum discussions. Xingshuai also has a mobile app so students can learn on the go.

Found In: 2008

Funding: Raised $30 Million in late 2014.

8) Onwards Learning

About:  a technology services provider that aggregates, curates and delivers best-in-class education information, content and e-Learning technologies, applications and tools for perspective clients. Their product, LearnOnCampus is a social mobile and web platform for international university student engagement and study abroad enrollment marketing.

Found In: 2013

Found By: Carlo Crighton, Cormac Kelly, Chris Zhang

Funding: Raised an undisclosed amount of funding in March 2014.    

9) Jike Xueyuan

About: it is an online education startup specializing in teaching IT-related career skills. It offers more than 300 online video courses covering Android, iOS, HTML5, Cocos2d-X, Java, among others with more than 120,000 registered users.

Found In: September 2014

Funding: raised an amount of $22 Million from from SIG Asia and BlueRun Ventures.

10) Xiaozhan Jiaoyu

About: Xiaozhan is a TOEFL/IELTS online class service that uses Skype for 1-on-1 and 5-on-1 tutoring.

Found By: Haoping Wang, Hanchen Chen, Yang Yu

Funding: Raised $60 Million in December 2015.

With great companies like TutorGroup, a language learning platform which raised $100M from Alibaba and Wanxue Education making a mark in China’s EdTech sector, you can predict the pace of growth of EdTech in China. 

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