Zzish: Making Apps Useful in Real Classrooms

Education apps that help teachers analyze students’ work are of great help.

Zzish is helping teachers do the same but with a different approach. With ample number of edapps available around us it is evident to see users using different apps. Zzish works as a dashboard that accepts different apps and brings students and teachers together helping them with all the teaching and learning needs. The tool enable teachers to get easy and instant insight on class and students’ performance so they can identify all-important learning gaps and help individuals learn better and faster according to their learning needs in ways better than ever before.

Check out this video to know how to get started with it and how you can use various apps with Zzish.

Following are some of the amazing features Zzish offers:

-- The best part about using Zzish is the way it analyses data and brings out the class results.

-- Play and manage any mobile learning app as an engaging classroom quiz via tablet, mobile or browser (you will find Quizalize, Socrative, Kahoot! and Montessori Numbers among others, available for play as part of your premium package via the platform) 

-- Create your own assignments and quizzes as homework for the students.

-- Assess class performance and progression as students play, using your dedicated teacher dashboard.

-- Teachers can also access the educational content marketplace - a handy resource filled with rich learning content (both free and paid) across all popular and core curricular subjects, to help make your lessons more engaging.

-- View simple reports on class and individual performance. The reports are ordered by time taken to answer each question, which shows how confidently a student answered. The report also highlights and celebrates the pupil's progress over time, and lets the teacher see the pupil’s earlier attempts at the same activity.

Co-Founder and CEO Charles Wiles of this London based company said,

“We’re solving two problems for two related audiences. On the one side education app developers creating apps for the classroom and on the other side teachers using those apps in the classroom,”

“We let developers plug into a multi-million dollar backend to add education specific features in hours that would take them many months, if not years, to implement themselves. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone to create state-of-the-art education applications that have a real impact on learning”.

“On the other side, teachers are finding it harder and harder to identify engaging applications for use in the classroom that also have a real impact on learning. A key failing of many education apps created by smaller developers is that they don’t collect data on student performance or provide teachers with a dashboard showing student performance,” says Wiles.

I checked out the sample information on the site to explore the platform. Below are some images that will give you a better look and understanding of the same.


This is how Zzish helps educators know which student needs help and the extent of the performance of students.


The results get deeper. The next step shows which area of study was hardest for the students and what the level of performance of individual student is. There is one other mode to view the results, i.e. spreadsheet. In spreadsheet teachers can have a look at the complete performance of individual student including the number of attempts made for particular question.   


It helps educators know about the understanding level of students in regard to subtopics as well.


Teachers can finally check the overall performance of the class. This gives you the complete information about each student showing how much they have improved/fall back.

The company led by a former Google product manager claims to be used globally by 25,000 teachers across 130 countries and is growing up fast. The company is said to have raised an amount of £700k on May 15, 2016 by Neon Adventures and LEAF Investments.

The users reviewed the product as follow:

I am a special education teacher that requires a lot of data on how my kids are performing. This programme has helped me tremendously.” -  Elisabeth Mallory

“Thank you for creating this. It has made my job a lot easier.”  - Bernice Broussard.

In my opinion educators must try this platform and explore the features to know its value. Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.  

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