New Lesson Plan Book Web Application Hits the EdTech Scene

New Lesson Plan Book Web Application Hits the EdTech Scene

Islip, New York ­ June 22, 2016 ­- Making teachers’ lives easier as they begin planning for the 2016-­2017 school year, TeacherPlanBook has hit the market with a new web application, building from their tablet application product offering.

The company, which has been providing educators and school districts with lesson planning software since 2012, knew it wanted to make their superior paperless lesson planning product available to a larger audience — and untethering the experience from a tablet was the way to do it.

“We are thrilled to provide educators with an enhanced tool they need to make preparation and organization easier, and that allows them to focus on what’s important: their student interaction,” says Jay Condrill, Chief Product Officer and a founder of TeacherPlanBook (  “I am proud and excited, as the creator of TPB, to see where it has grown and where it will continue to develop.” The launch allows users to test the service through a 30-­day free trial period, after which users may elect to sign up for a 1-­year account for just $19.99.

With the launch of the web app, users are now able to access their lesson plans from any device, as long as they are connected to the internet. In addition to limitless accessibility, the app also includes built­-in teaching standards and the ability to share lesson plans with administrators to ensure compliance.

“We’re committed to consistent improvement of our product offering and see this launch as another step in our ongoing plan to provide educators with the best tool available to make them better teachers and, in turn, enhance the student experience,” said Marc Leibowitz, TeacherPlanBook CEO and co­founder.

About TeacherPlanBook:

Blending the vision of a technology innovator and two experienced teachers, TeacherPlanBook (  works to empower teachers and enhance the quality of school districts by harnessing the capabilities of digital tools and web-­based software. TeacherPlanBook uses online tools to help unite students, teachers, parents and administrators as part of a learning ecosystem that extends far beyond the campus, producing well­-educated young people to lead their communities into the future.

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