How This EdTech Startup is Helping Students Make Apt Career Choices

How This EdTech Startup is Helping Students Make Apt Career Choice

Making choices can be difficult. Especially, when those choices stuck with you for lifelong and sometime are the base for your future. Students making career choice is one such decision.

A guiding hand is always good to help them analyze what will be the best pick. With numerous edtech startups and platforms helping you acquire career and courses of your choice, here’s one edtech platform that will help you make the best pick.

Mindler, an edtech startup is helping students discover their unique potential which helps them make an apt career choice through simple tests and assessment, and saves them from a lot of frustration! With an aim to eliminate student woes regarding career and stream choices, this platform is a well-researched, machine learning and algorithm driven platform coupled with knowledge and expertise of global domain experts, career counselors and leading psychologists.

The platform helps prospects with exploring various career streams that are available by providing in depth knowledge about individual course, the institutions offering the course and the skills that are required to do well off in that course. Users can access the career library that will give insights on particular stream and the various courses that are offered under it.

The students looking for help regarding the choices to be made simply have to sign up and take the assessment that will analyze the various aspects. There are 2 options available; one for those who have to opt for their +2 stream and the other one is for those who are going to pursue the higher education.  

Simple MCQ type questions are asked based on daily life situations that analyses the skills, strengths and weaknesses. Part of assessment is based on logic, reasoning, aptitude and abstract question that identifies your plus points thereby helping you make better choices.    

I have explored this platform to check how useful can it be for students. Get a feel from the images below.


The first assessment helps in identification of the orientation style of the user. The graph representation shows the weak, medium and strong areas of the user.


To help users understand their area of interest, this was the second set of assessment. This round consists of set of assessment that identifies the inclination of individual in each area to have a better understanding of the self. Again, the graphical representation makes it easy for user to understand.


Various aspects of one’s personality from a set of questions is a great way to get hands on better choices.  


The next test checks your aptitude level with which you get to know about your inner expertise.


This is the last assessment that helps you explore about your effectiveness in social situations and well you handle emotions of yourself and of others as well.

Once you’ve completed the assessment and checked the summary report like shown above, the platform finds you top 5 matches for your next move. You get best 5 picks based on your strengths, weaknesses, skills and areas of expertise that are based on the result from the assessment you took. Apart from this user also gets a detailed report that not only helps you understand each part of the assessment framework but also insights you on how you can work on your weak areas. The report helps you understand the best 5 options that are suggested to you in detail and why those are apt for your career.

Have a look at what users from Mindler have to say about it:

“MINDLER was a great and absorbing experience. I was told about my strengths and weaknesses very frankly which helped me clear my mind and choose a career for me. The counseling with Mr. Prikshit and Mr. Prateek was very influential and motivational. I am very thankful to MINDLER and will surely recommend it to all my friends.”

- Parth, Student - Sangam School of Excellence

“Mindler is the most appropriate canvas to a child's dreams and aspirations. They provided a mentored framework to my sons ambitions to achieve and succeed. They mapped his capabilities to help him decide and focus on the most important decision of his life.”

-Kavita, Parent - Woodstock School

“The scientific aptitude assessment tools developed through a vast and intensive research by Team Mindler would be a great boon to the student community world over in assisting them to arrive at a thoughtfully considered decision in choosing the most suitable career for themselves. We at CCA School had interacted with the team and compared the results of a large number of students, with our teachers assessment reports and opinion. We are happy to share that the results were a near perfect match in most cases.”

- Col Kr Pratap Singh, Chairman - CCA School

In case user have queries and questions to ask, Mindler connects you to the best counselors. You can easily book your call according to the timing that suits you and get all your queries answered. The platform is paid but do offer a basic assessment so that you can get a feel of the process.

To register, click here and check for yourself.

Check out the video below to understand more about Mindler.

On the launch of this new assessment program, Mr. Prateek Bhargava, Founder & CEO, MINDLER said, “We are delighted to launch this comprehensive career guidance eco-system aimed at empowering students & parents to make well-informed career decisions, thus, improving efficiencies of the skilled work force in India. What makes this platform unique is the blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning with strategic human interventions, aiding students to choose the best-suited career path.”

From my experience, I found the results impressive and accurate too. So students, you can stay calm and not lose your chill on the sound of “career options” as Mindler gotcha back!

Share your experiences with us in the comment section below. 

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