Empower Through Education! Contribute to These Wonderful Children's Future

Empower Through Education! Contribute to These Wonderful Children's Future

We are students and teachers from Gujarat, the Land of the Mahatma aspiring to connect with students and teachers from Ladakh, the Land of the Lamas.

Our dream is to create a partnership between the two schools located in extreme corners of the Indian peninsula, using new technology to bolster our common interest in environmental studies.  For this ambitious project, we will need your generous support and contribution.

Battling water scarcity, global warming crisis such as the 2010 cloud burst and the onslaught of tourists, food security for the increasing footfall in the mountain is a matter of concern. The Mahabodhi Residential school in Ladakh started an Agro Project to feed nutritious food to their students living in hostels and earn money through the Apricot orchids. 

We, grade 12 students of Mahatma Gandhi International School in Ahmedabad, will support their initiative by giving them tools to monitor and record biodiversity using the plant sensor and we will analyse, interpret and compare the data from their garden and our garden through an online platform. We will then jointly present our findings in the Education Technology Summit in Ahmedabad in September 2016.

This CAS (Service) and Environmental Sciences Project needs your help. We chose Mahabodhi Residential School in Leh because the people there are wonderful, and being cut off from the rest of the world most of the year, they would benefit from the exposure to 21st century skills, and experience the rigours of scientific research on a subject like biodiversity which is a concern for them given the difficult terrain over there. 

Let's make it possible to reach out and give back to these beautiful people. Let's come together and make it happen. 

How can you help?

- Donate a used iPad 

- Donate educational resources such as DVDs/films...

- Share this project with someone who can help us 

- Contribute to the crowdfund - https://www.bitgiving.com/learnshareinnovate, it will help us make this project sustainable and scalable, and next year we will be able to go again with more students and hopefully a few parent volunteers.

- Sponsor the project in part or in whole. We will gladly promote your company logo in our communication and in the school in Leh. 

- Use this as an opportunity for CSR in your company.

Act Now! We leave on 6 July in the evening for Ladakh. Have the pleasure of knowing that you can be part of something bigger than yourself, and that you can empower these wonderful Ladakhi children who deserve to benefit from the knowledge and skills that can help them make inroads into the outside world through this project that blends environmental education and technology. 

Where there is a purpose, the means will follow.  - Mahatma Gandhi #givingbacktosociety #abeautifulworld #weareconnected #service

This is a post by Raivat Shah and Sahil Singh Sen with their mentors Lissa Chazot and Ravinder Kaur.

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