These Mumbai-Based Startups Are Trying to Make Their Mark in Indian EdTech

These Mumbai-Based Startups Are Trying to Make Their Mark in Indian EdTech

EdTech sector is witnessing a lot of movement in India and Mumbai is contributing to the efforts made by the sector that cannot be ignored.

Below is a list of startups from Mumbai that are helping EdTech grow in India.

1) Toppr

About: It’s an online subject-learning platform changing the way students prepare for IIT JEE, AIPMT, and Boards in India. Students can take unlimited tests, get feedback reports and compare rankings.

It is the one stop solution as students get to focus on improving their performance with the following features of Toppr:

- Question bank of more than 40,000 questions covering all kinds of questions asked in JEE.

- Unlimited test with instant feedback reports after every test.

- Suggested practice tests after each test to improve.

- Rank comparison across India.

- A 24*7 support from IITians for clearing doubts.

- The platform even has a mobile app that lets you prepare anywhere anytime. 

Found In: 2013

Recent Funding: The Company raised around $10 million of funding from Fidelity and SAIF & Helion.

2) Testbook

About: An EdTech company found by IIT graduates who commits to provide the best online learning experience. The platform simplifies the process of exam preparation. 

Learners appearing for Mock Test in Gate, Aptitude, SBI Bank PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk can practice, analyze and improve. 

Users get best quality tests at reasonable prices. Platform can be accessed easily and lets you track your performance, evaluate and improve with each test at national level.

The site also provides learners with questions created by toppers with well-explained solutions.

Found in: 2013

Recent Funding: The Company received $15 million in 2014 to develop their strategy and increase their visibility across the geographies.

3) Plancess EduSolutions,

About: the company aims to reach IIT JEE aspirants and deliver preparation materials. The material delivered is prepared by experts. The material delivered is in the form of online video lectures

Found in: 2012

Recent Funding: The Company has recently raised an amount of $10 million that includes $2 million of seed funding from Aarti Group’s Promoters Gogri Family in 2015.

4) Embibe

About: It is an online test prep portal specializing in engineering entrance exams. The Mumbai-based startup currently has 15,000 students on board and wishes to expand, offering medical prep. All one need to do is create a free account and start practicing any chapter.

Found In: 2012

Recent Funding: The company received $4 million from LightBox Ventures & Kalaari Capital in May 2014.

5) Examify

About: Designed with the aim of not just study but preparing the user to take exam in the smartest & fastest way. The platform aims to change the stereotypical thought of the sacrifices and pain exams bring to a student’s life. The app connects user with a coach who will guide you through the entire academic problem on weekly basis. The conversations can happen in form of chats or via phone calls. The app is for students who wish to prepare for IIT/JEE exams.   

Found In: 2012

Recent Funding: The company received $80K IN August,2014 by Kanwaljit S. Bombra & Taher Khorakiwala. 

6) EduIsFun

About: Eduisfun, aims to make learning fun, easy & accessible to everyone though games. Knowledge Kombat & Snailrush (a trivia game) are designed around concepts of Maths, Physics and Chemistry with over 10,000 users across the globe reaping its benefits for learning and assessment purposes. The series of Knowledge Kombat edugames are self-sufficient for tutorial and revision for students of grade 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.

Found In: 2014

Recent Funding: Eduisfun has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from an educational institute based out in Mumbai.

7) Phyzok

About: The company specializes in creating technology that enables classroom concepts to become alive. Phyzok offers tangible patented kits and web based virtual environment where students can unveil the concepts by themselves thus encouraging independent learning.

Found In: 2010

8) Teno App

About: Tenoapp is one of the leading free to use mobile app for schools, colleges and universities. 1000+ Schools across India are already using it and have over 300000 parents across India. 

Found In: 2015

9) Gradealyzer

About: Gradealyzer is a brilliant online grade analytics and reporting tool that shows schools, teachers and parents a 360 degree view of the students’ performance in just one click!

Found In: 2012

10) Dinasim Learning

About: The platform helps students to view Math from a ‘concept’ point-of-view rather than a mechanical ‘score’ perspective, the firm employs exciting games and activities in its teachings.

Found In: 2012

11) Classmatrix

About: Classmatrix help teachers automate the boring and time consuming student performance evaluation work using its proprietary algorithm and help teachers prepare for the class with more learning tools which is customized to suit each student’s preferred way of learning.

Found In: 2013

12) mGuru

About: They build K-5 learning apps mainly for English and math to make education fun and engaging for kids.

Found In: 2015

13) PikKart

About: Pikkart is a complete integrated marketplace for educational products & services bringing vendors, parents and schools together.

Found In: 2014

14) Scraplabs

About: ScrapLabs operates hands-on classes in Engineering Labs set up in schools on a weekly basis. The classes are meticulously designed and encapsulate the technical curriculum of the school. We emphasize on free play and learning of concepts by innovative methods and experienced teachers.

Students are promoted to bring out their ideas and then convert them into live real-time working machines.

Found In: 2012

15) EddyPaddy | EduCren

About: EddyPaddy, with its innovative apps and tablet, makes learning fun, inspires creativity & unleashes your child’s imagination. It has a positive impact on their social, emotional, language and cognitive development.

Found In: 2012

Which other edtech startup do you know from Mumbai?

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