How MasteryPrep is Helping Schools Through Its College and Career Readiness Preparation Program

How MasteryPrep is Helping Through College and Career Readiness Preparation Program

More and more students are reaching out to appear for standardized tests like ACT & SAT for their high school achievements and college admissions.

The ACT has seen a gradual increase in the number of test takers and this is the reason why schools have started preparing their students in advance only so that the students can stand out from the crowd and can make it to the best of what they can get. MasteryPrep is one such service provider that is helping thousands of students score best in these competitive exams through its college and career readiness programs.    

MasteryPrep is a support structure for principals and district administrators that help them provide best in class ACT preparation to the students who need it the most.

The program is uniquely effective, providing an average three-point increase in student scores in an institutional setting. The main focus is particularly on students who are scoring below an 18 on the ACT. The content provided on the site is created by ACT experts that help students score best. 

MasteryPrep’s founder Craig Gehring, who in 2003 had perfect scores on both the ACT and SAT, says “he's created the silver bullet to help the nearly 75 percent of students who don't meet national college readiness benchmarks. He said his competitors like Kaplan and The Princeton Review focus on improving ACT scores for the top 25 percent of high school students who are essentially already prepared for college.”

Read more on the success story of MasteryPrep here.  

Distinctive Features of MasteryPrep are:

  • Student Workbooks: student can use ACT mastery workbooks. Separate workbooks for individual subjects like English, math, science, reading are available that covers up the subjects of the exam. These can be accessed in digital forms as well as in hardcovers. 
  • Teacher Manuals: teachers can get all the latest information, free prep resources, test taking tips and tips related to blind guessing. Teachers can get all the insights to help their students in every way.
  • Practice Testing: teachers can take test to help students work harder. With the reports they can identify the set of students they have to work more on and accordingly work with them. 
  • Training: the experts can provide one semester in person training to teachers as well as to students to boost the scores.  
  • Online Courses: get access to the awesome ACT content digitally and prepare in your comforts. Students can engage in online discussions, creates notes and play games that will let them prepare while having fun..And a lot more!
  • Bell Ringers: a bell ringer is a warm up exercise done at the beginning of the class period. It is the simplest method to get the whole school on track to score well on the ACT.  
  • One Semester Course: it is the comprehensive test program. In one month, this program can help schools and teachers succeed in test prep.
  • Boot Camp: this is the one-day workshop that helps students to learn exactly what they need to be prepared for test. Can be availed on a school day or a weekend.
  • Professional Development: a mastery prep trainer will guide the teacher to the ACT mastery program and shows them how to use all the available tools that the program provides to them in order to improve student outcome.
  • User can access free samples to get a feel of the benefits MasteryPrep promises to provide. Also the resources can be accessed in digital as well as pen paper form.

Rochelle Bates, Principal for Kentwood High School said, “MasteryPrep helped our students in ways that we were not expecting. The books were a great resource for us to use and I would like to believe that they played a significant part of the growth that we experienced with our students. Thanks, MasteryPrep!”

Know more about the likability of the product. Have you also tried MasteryPrep? What was your experience?

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