MinecraftEdu Creator TeacherGaming LLC Ventures Beyond Digital Learning with Swedish Toy Maker Strawbees

The Finnish games company TeacherGaming LLC, known for MinecraftEdu and KerbalEdu, has invested $83,000 in the Swedish toy brand Strawbees.

Strawbees, which manufactures inventive prototyping toys out of drinking straws, plans to take full advantage of its new partner’s expertise in an effort to further strengthen its focus in the educational market. With years of experience in edtech, TeacherGaming has built a client network of over 15,000 schools around the world, and will be able to provide Strawbees with a gateway into classrooms.

"We were looking for an investor with vast knowledge in either retail or education, and TeacherGaming LLC is the perfect fit for us in education. The investment of course implies financial stability for us, but the strategic advice and network will be extremely valuable for us and will boost our educational offer greatly," says Strawbees CEO Erik Bergelin.

Through its investment, TeacherGaming aims to extend its influence in education beyond digital, game-based learning. The company’s CEO Santeri Koivisto sees Strawbees as an exciting first step into the world of more tactile, physical learning experiences.

"Their vision of creativity, innovation, and play in education is what we believe in, and I truly trust that we can support Strawbees in their global journey," says Koivisto.

TeacherGaming LLC is a Finnish games company, best known for creating school-ready educational remixes of award-winning games such as Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. The studio is currently preparing to launch its own online educational games marketplace, the TeacherGaming Store.

Strawbees is a toy and edtech company with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its flagship product was launched in 2014, supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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