EdTech Startup 3Dexter Takes a Step to Promote 3D Printing in Schools

EdTech Startup 3Dexter Takes a Step to Promote 3D Printing in Schools

3Dexter launches a 3D Printing curriculum based on experiential learning for educational institutions.

A group of young minds have committed to bring together fun and learning on a platform called 3Dexter. 3D Printing is one strong establishment of bringing innovation to education and the teaching system that includes teachers and students on the two ends, can now be more effective. 3D Printing Labs can be more comprehensive and also create a more interactive arena for the students.

Technology being the most efficient element of growth at present has its penetration in almost all segments of practical learning. Technology has made impossible, possible and holds the credentials to make a better future for all. Similarly, Education is one such segment that has a wide scope for technological amalgamation. 3Dexter, with the same ideology lays the foundation of 3 Dimensional learning in schools using physical models, substantiating its position in school curriculum by reasoning the importance of 3D Printing. It not only stimulates the sense of problem solving among the children but also provides them with a Maker space of their very own within the school premises. 

"It’s been just 4 years we have passed out from our school, we understand the loopholes the Indian learning process consists of. It lacks experiential learning, and that’s exactly where 3Dexter comes into the picture. Vision is to bring innovation at its core and start mini factories in schools where students Visualize-Design-Create." - Raunak Singhi, Marketing Director

3D Printing as a concept has recently popularized in the higher learning sectors like; Medical and engineering therefore, at 3Dexter the founders have aimed at the technological gap at the more elementary sector that is, the  schools. This organization is making happen the idea of Experiential Learning come true. As complex as it sounds, 3Dexter has paved the path of its simple execution. At 3Dexter they believe in the simple idea of learning through Doing-it-yourself (DIY) and have composed a wide system for the same.

"Edu tech companies have the capacity to revolutionize the way students learn things, at 3Dexter we focus at the grass root level and provide major core values like Creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. Knowledge is something that remains when one has forgotten everything he learned in school, and we believe in that!”  - Shantanu Kwatra, Business Development Director.

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