Indian EdTech Startup 'iAugmentor' Endorses Technology to Build ‘Universities of the Future’

iAugmentor Endorses Technology to Build ‘Universities of the Future’

Building Lifeskills through Augmented Reality/Artificial Intelligence

iAugmentor, a pioneering technology-enabled learning platform, introduces the concept of ‘Universities of the Future” to the Indian Education eco-system, thus fulfilling the need to enhance skill-based learning through a digitalized model.

Today, there is a huge disconnect among students, looking to enter the industry. Although students have the right academic qualifications, they lack basic life skills like presentation skills, public speaking, etc. that go a long way in their career growth. To bridge this gap, iAugmentor offers a next-gen platform that leverages the learning experience of an individual using cutting edge technology, developed in collaboration with IIT Kanpur.

Through the iAugmentor platform, learners gain adequate exposure and deep understanding of concepts at an implementation level. The constant cycle of feedback and self-assessment is how learners can augment their capabilities.

To enhance life-skills, the company offers well-researched learning material with a variety of learning modes such as video lectures, games, quizzes ands imulations. Through “experiential learning” (learning by experience/doing), the platform prepares student with indispensable skills, grooming them to become employable and skilful individuals/professionals.

This entire program focussing on “classroom without walls”has been developed through a collaborative research by a globally diverse set of educationists, psychologists, corporate leaders and Life skills experts. 

Mr. Pratik Marwah, Co-founder& COO, iAugmentorsaid, ““The incapacities of the existing education model and the growing disconnect between students and trainers, inspired us to bring a technological intervention in this sector. iAugmentor enhances and streamlines the entire educational experience of an individual.”

“iAugmentor usescutting edge technology like Facial Analysis & Voice Analysis to enable individuals to ‘make learning come alive’ ,help them to evaluate and asses themselves thus augmenting their capabilities., he added.

About iAugmentor

Established in February 2016, iAugmentor is a pioneering a technology enabled Learning platform, bringing together technology, human intervention and a whole gamut of learning activities under one roof with the intention of making learning more effective, intimate and accountable.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, the company has achieved great success and within a short span of four months, they have sold subscription to 4colleges in India. They have also established a presence in the international markets and started operations in Egypt by associating with Cairo University who has bought subscriptions of this intuitive technology enabled learning platform.

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