[For Grads] Online Java Training Made Easy and Affordable with MeritCampus

[For Grads] Online Java Training Made Easy and Affordable with MeritCampus

Technology is the need of the hour and will explode in coming times.

Technology has changed the way we work, live and play. It has rendered current occupations obsolete and is creating completely new industries and jobs. Considering the reason, a lot of traction can be witnessed towards learning computing languages. To support this movement, one such platform that is working hard is Merit Campus. It is an online java training portal targeting engineering graduates, software engineers who want to build their career in Java.

Merit Campus is trying to get the complete list of Core Java Topics and lots of practice tests to perfect the learning.  Offering high quality instructor led online course, 1:1 premium courses for affordable prices, the platform is making a mark in the eLearning industry.

Merit Campus is the best resource for the beginners who are willing to start their career in Java Platform. One can learn Java from the basic level and can become an expert in programming through online Java training they offer. At Merit Campus, you will learn the basic concepts, tools and functions that you will need to build fully functional programs with the popular programming language as Java. As Java is the base for all object-oriented programming languages and has high demand in current IT sector, this training helps you to crack the interviews. Each chapter in the website is capped of with sessions so you can put into practical use, what you learn in each section. They also conduct the programming competitions daily, weekly and monthly, so that one can prove their programming knowledge by participating in the competitions. They train a student in all the ways where skills in programming will be brighten up.

What all it offers:

User can start with lesson 1, or search for a topic manually. Easy lesson plans available for beginners and 2-2 students. User can learn Java, practice programs/tests and compete with other users and win prizes/certificates. They have various topics covering most of the concepts in Core Java. Every topic is easy to read and there are lots of example programs which you can try online. Absolutely no prior knowledge required.

For Practice - Practice with 600 Java Programs and 1750 MCQs. These practice tests helps in reinforcing your learning. They can keep you busy for months together.

Compete - You can compete at state level in Monthly Programming competitions, Top Coder 168, Weekend Hack and Daily Dose. The score you gained by writing the practice tests will be considered for these competitions.

The site boasts of completing 150 sessions to have the perfect command over the JAVA language. Each session is a practical class and daily exercises are available for students to perfect the learning. The platform uses automated tools for giving the exercises and tracking the progress Students can also recorded classes for later revision. Students get extra time to clear the doubts. On completing the course, students are awarded with Course Completion Certificate - Online and Fakeproof certificate assured of any time validation.  

Check more about the course and the prices as per your needs.

Check out this video below that explains how Merit Campus can help interested students improve their programming skills. It shows various features available at the site and how you can get resume show casing your efforts.

Share your experiences with the platform in the comment section below. 

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