Chalkup's New Design Zeros in on Class Collaboration & Ease of Grading

Chalkup's New Design Zeros in on Class Collaboration & Ease of Grading

New design zeros in on class collaboration and ease of grading.

Chalkup unveiled this week the latest version of their innovative learning management system, launching the next chapter in the evolution of classroom technology. The new update boasts an all­new interface designed to increase collaboration opportunities between students.

The platform’s new look was created with clarity and ease­of­use in mind, upgrading Chalkup’s unique grading workflow. Improvements allow educators to more quickly ­ and intuitively ­ assign, collect, and grade work in a slicker, more mobile­friendly environment.

Of note: it’s also easier to find, review, and repost previously posted assignments ­ a small change that will make a big difference for teachers this upcoming school year.

And beyond a cleaner user experience design throughout the site, users may now personalize navigation by placing courses in their desired order ­ a request from some of Chalkup’s biggest fans.

Chalkup’s new, more personal look ­ now live ­ was created with more user input than any upgrade in the platform’s history.

Founder & CEO Justin Chando and Chalkup’s educator advisory board aimed to make their Google­compatible LMS easier to use than any other communication/collaboration tool classes will be using this fall.

“We designed Chalkup to have as many useful features as possible without the bloat of the traditional LMS,” said Chando. “It's a simple, intuitive suite of tools that can meaningfully connect any classroom.”

Chalkup features a unique Google Apps for Education integration, which allows educators to grade with criteria­based rubrics.

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