How To Inspire Your Students In These Turbulent Times

With news of corruption, dacoit, betrayal, murder, divorce and all that's nasty flooding our newspapers every day with childish sensationalism, our youngsters often get a feeling of the world being totally distraught, hypocrite and inhabitable.

For example, India has been the birth ground to thousands of real yogis and enlightened gurus. Yet, what media focusses on are people like Nirmal Baba and the likes. 

Consequently, helplessness seeps in unknowingly in our young minds & hammers down the volcano of energy erupting from within them.


Luckily, we recently came across an app, which made it to the Top 7 Trending News & Magazines app within just 4 days of launch, which guarantees its readers free accessibility to all the latest happenings around the world without the senseless clutter & negativity involved. We decided to try it out and here are 4 of the umpteen exotic News we found there, which conventional media so easily left out:

1. India discovers producible natural gas hydrates in the Bay of Bengal, a Good News for posterity

2. India becomes THE manufacturing base for 4th Generation car Suzuki Jimmy

3.RBI said large industrial companies will only be allowed to invest up to 10 percent in banks and thus, it encourages the entry of more lenders in a country where only about half the population have access to formal financial services, a Good News for borrowers

4. Top performers from Tim Cook to Mark Zuckerberg and PM Narendra Modi to Barack Obama wake up in the 4:30-6:30am bracket to have a few extra hours to contemplate before the day begins

What was striking is the fact that Good News app posts not only readable news but also helpful news which helps people chart their way ahead. One of its raving fans include Ishan Kedia, a saree seller from Kolkata, who made INR 4 Lacs by attending a saree event in Delhi, which was presented as Good News. The Good News App is both on Android & iPhone & is equally meant for Parents and Teachers along with Students. 


We parents these days blink not an eye before handing out children the latest gadgets and tablets. Therefore, it's ALSO OUR DUTY to show them how to make good use of it instead of letting them go through the banalities. Gifting them the Good News curio is the first & easiest step towards it, keeping in mind the myriad of good it got to offer to young growing minds:   

1. Improved Knowlede & Awareness: Erraticism is a thing of the past. The child should know everything from which country currently hosted Olympics (Brazil) to what the Pope just said ('Download a Good Heart').

2. Staying positive & motivated - It's only when children read about trending young wonders like Magnus Carlsen (the prodigy who victored over World Chess Champion Vishvanathan Anand at the tender age of 22), Ritesh Agarwal ( the suave CEO who founded Oyo Rooms at 20) and the likes that they will realise they no longer are too small for anything great! 

3. Having independent views - Unless a child knows that our Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha is meeting with CEOs of all mobile service providers to discuss and resolve call drops issue, how can we expect him to have a genuine unbiased view over how good or ineffective our ministers are.

4. Being vocal & standing out : Whether it be debating or networking at an event or just having a social conversation, it always draws up eyeballs when you are equipped with News most other wouldn't know about: That, thanks to global efforts in the 1980s to phase out CFCs and other destructive chemicals, our protective Ozone layer is finally starting to heal substantially is a highly relevant news most media failed to cover. Good News app is aflame with such news. 

5. No distraction - The app maintains a high watermark over the quality of content it posts, thereby ensuring we along with our children aren't wasting a second reading crap.

6. News that matters - Whether it be the launch of Panasonic's INR 3199 smartphone or the coming up of an innovative 'Flying' shuttle to help water travel, Good News publishes News That Matters.

7. Productive hobby - Reading News is any day better than playing an XYZgo game which will land you into an accident more often than not.

So go ahead and avail of all that's good, relevant and worth knowing here: 1) Android 2) iPhone

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