How Can Students Use Twitter For Research?

How Can Students Use Twitter For Research?

Can anybody guess which are the most searched websites?
Including the search engines like Google, Wikipedia, and Yahoo…etc., social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter have also got ranked in top 10 most searched websites.


Of course for students, this answer will never be a wonder, because they know how important role these websites are playing. These social networking sites are making the world more open and accessible; people across different places are exchanging their views, sharing their experiences and increasing their circles.
TWITTER...I hope you people are very familiar with this name. It’s helping us to communicate with our friends and family, teachers, sports stars, film celebs and political leaders...etc. We can tweet, retweet, search, reply and start conversation.

But do you know Twitter’s role in education, and how it can even help us in our researches, studies and presentations? As an educator, you know that when students are given a writing assignment, many of them may need a bit of help to get it done on time. Did you know that it’s possible to turn to Twitter for some help? The social media micro-blogging tool can help students write a great paper in a number of different ways.

Let me tell you some possible ways in which students can use Twitter for Research.

Clear your doubts

If you are given a topic which is not so familiar to you, you will be in a dilemma of how to approach or how to start with it. If Twitter is available, no need to worry. Just tweet a question with proper hashtags and see the response. If you are having good number of followers, your paper will almost be completed but don’t be shy of asking your followers to re-tweet your request. Most people are ready to help you by contributing their valuable views.

Search for good sources

It’s difficult to write everything in tweets as the numbers of characters in a tweet are limited, so the people prefer to give you some links or any web sources in the reply. You can use them for your paper.

Find the experts and scholars in the related field

Twitter has many members. You can directly access everyone’s tweets. If you know anyone who is an expert in the field in which you are preparing a paper, get in touch with them by following and also mention them with a request in your tweet. You can reply personally if they have that option in their profile. It will be very helpful for your paper.

Participate in discussions

There are discussions taking place every day on Twitter. Conduct a search to see if someone is talking about the subject or your paper and join in to get insights about your topic. You need to know different key words for this option.

Check out Business Twitter feeds

Many businesses have Twitter accounts, and various governmental municipalities have set up their own feeds. These types of organizational content sources can provide a wealth of information and provide yet another potential source of useful information. Here you can get some statistical as well as practical information about your paper.

Use Twitter Follow Power

Many libraries and archives now have Twitter accounts. Make a point of following them online and ask for the information you need to help with researching and writing your essay.

Recent stories at your desk

This is the most important feature of twitter. If you search a key word, you will find more and more news feeds about that topic. For example, If India has won a match and you will search a key word Indian team, you will find number of creative sayings about the winning. People tweet in a great manner with their own style of creativity. Similarly search a key word related to your paper, you will get what people are talking about right now.

Real-world Info on the go

Connect with your followers to find out what is happening where they live. Being able to get a perspective from someone who can give you a direct report on an event or an issue will give your paper a depth that you can’t get from other resources. Moreover, you may even conduct interviews.

Evaluate sources

If you’re looking at sources of information for your paper but aren’t sure about the quality of the information you have at your disposal, share your resources with fellow students and ask for feedback. You can get confirmation that you are on the right track or lead to better sources of information.

Here is another link to the tools and tips to help in research using twitter.

Twitter is a tool that can help students gather information to research and frame a good paper. When used correctly, it can help you find facts and make preparing a research paper a quicker and easier process. Enjoy Twitter Power!

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