Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Tool to Help with College Admissions in the United States

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Tool to Help with College Admissions in the United States

Applying to College in the United States? High School students are getting a helping hand from a supercomputer during the college admission season.

A new platform - GoSchoolWise wants to simplify the college admissions process by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools such as IBM Watson (the famous supercomputer from IBM).

Each year, India sends over 100,000 students to United States. Even though this is a growing number, the two biggest challenges Indian students face, after figuring out how to pay for college in US, is finding the best college and putting together a strong application. This is what wants to help students with during the college admissions time.

Applying to colleges in US was a problem faced by Salil Sethi (founder of first hand. Sethi did his schooling from St. Josephs’ Academy, Dehra Dun, and graduated with Bachelors in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, and Masters of Business Administration from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, US. Having gone through the process himself, Sethi wanted to provide a platform to students looking for help with US college admissions., offers Indian students three categories of tools to simplify the US college admissions process. 

First, detailed college reports. has detailed college reports on each of the more than 2000 four-year colleges in United States. Students can research colleges and find out admission statistics (e.g., Acceptance Rate, SAT/ACT score ranges), top recruiting companies, look at college videos and photos, and also learn about cost of attendance.

Second, has an admissions guidance section, that use IBM Watson to curate the best college admission advice from around the web. The admissions advice section can help you figure out how to approach different parts of the application, such as an essay or a personal statement.

Third, since most Indian students do not have the luxury to visit US colleges and find out the best place for them personality-wise, the platform boasts of using IBM Watson for personality matching - much like a technological take on the magical Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter books, analyzes applicant writings and essays to determine personality characteristics and individual college fit.

“At, we want to be the pioneers in using technology advancements, such as AI, ML and Data Analytics along with human expert advice to help families in India with college admissions,” says Sethi.

By providing admission analytics, a college - student personality matching tool, detailed college reports, and admissions advice prevents unpleasant surprises during the college admissions time.

While some rival platforms exist to help students make similar decisions, is the first to leverage advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to help students find the colleges with the right personality fit for them. helps students make informed decisions about the colleges they choose to study at.

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