How NASSCOM is Recognizing the Importance of Tech Led Innovations in Education

How NASSCOM is Recognizing the Importance of Tech Led Innovations in Education

Education is a global challenge including the concern of accessibility.

It requires talented teachers, committed parents, and relevant tools for pupils. To face this challenge and to support scale, entrepreneurs and investors are putting great efforts in form of their technology led innovations.

The potential of technology to tackle issues such as inadequate infrastructure, lack of quality content and trained teachers is immense - from content creation through to delivery technology has been a game changer for the sector.

To recognize such efforts, NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) is fostering Information and Communication Technology led Innovations for Sustained Social Impact and is inviting innovative scalable solutions for “Primary & Secondary Education”, supported ably by its catalytic partner Mphasis.

This includes (but not limited to) those who are involved in improving learning outcomes through several teaching/learning aids, quality of education service, parental involvement, teacher trainings, modern delivery models.

Evolving through its journey of eight years, NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) has grown into a venerable national platform, and plays an active role in the technology-for-good ecosystem within India.

Each year the forum attracts over 1000 innovators across sectors which are creating impact socially. This year the Forum will focus on innovations in the areas of - Primary and Secondary Education, Healthcare, Livelihood and Agriculture, Accessibility and Environment.

NSIF will also extend its engagement with Social Enterprises and Not for Profits. Winning organizations with high potential innovations, will be supported not just with catalytic grants but also by focused industry mentoring. Select NGOs will also receive technology consulting from Accenture.

A total of up to INR 6 Million in grants will be given by the Forum’s supporter Mphasis to innovations in the areas of Primary and Secondary Education. Mentors, would be professionals from the industry and innovators can draw upon their experience for making a solution self-sustainable, by tweaking their strategy, financing, operations and other areas. The grants and mentoring support is provided with the aim of creating deeper impact and maximize base-of-the-pyramid beneficiaries of the innovation.

Deadline: 10th October 2016, Apply Now!

So if you believe your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based innovation has the power to move our country towards a brighter, stable and inclusive future, this is the perfect platform for you. This is your opportunity to be recognized as a prominent industry innovator by key executives from top service providers, influential industry analysts. Participate in the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum 2017, India’s premier tech4good platform by visiting It is your chance to get your innovation noticed, mentored and supported and giving it an impetus to touch thousands of lives!

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