Online Marketplace for Offline Lesson Providers and Learners in Southeast Asia

Online Marketplace for Offline Lesson Providers and Learners in Southeast Asia

MyAoneLearning serves as an online skill-sharing marketplace that brings learners and teachers together in Southeast Asia.

The platform strongly believes – ‘Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn' Wishes to connect anyone who wishes to teach with anyone who loves to learn.

Aone learning works for learners, centers, and instructors. If you have a skill that you can share with others, or if you wish to gain some new knowledge from another, then my Aone learning is just the right place for you.

 The platform serves as an online skill marketplace for freelance instructors, learning institutions and students to list, browse and subscribe for offline lessons. The platform can also bring teachers/coach and learners to face-to-face interaction.

MyAonelearning is #1 skill sharing marketplace in Southeast Asia, connecting those who wish to teach and those who love to learn with thousands of learners, instructors and lessons. 

For learners:

In today’s competitive society, academic classes are not enough. In order to get ahead of the pack, students now sign up for music lessons, dancing classes, drama auditions, sports practice, and so on.

MyAoneLearning has evolved to cater the needs of the public. The platform not only provides for educational requirements but also for other curricular activities like sports, music and dance, martial arts, art and design, technology and personal development. Learners can create a free account with MyAoneLearning and get in touch with numerous instructors and centers available on the site.  

Learners and Parents can browse and subscribe lessons, and also can post a lesson request for the lesson providers to apply. Search for your best learning solution and you’re good to go with your learning sessions.

For instructors:

Instructors who are interested to partner with Aone learning can sign up on the website, create a profile and the team at the Aone will verify the instructors contact information. Instructors can search for jobs posted by learners, apply for it and wait for confirmation by learner or create a teaching profile for learners who search and enroll for the lessons. Freelance instructors can use this platform to structure their lessons and market online, as well as to apply jobs posted by learners.

 As an instructor, you can:

-- Promote your lesson package.

-- Look for students and learners.

-- Apply for lesson requests posted by learners.

The platform does not verify or restrict teaching qualification of general lessons by making it mandatory for instructors to provide certification of the skill they wish to teach. However, there are some lessons whereby certification is compulsory, such as swimming lessons because the activity involves the security and life of the learner.

For Institutions:

Tuition center, kindergarten, swimming school, music academy, dance studio, home based teaching groups or any institution that wishes to partner with Aone learning needs to register themselves with the MyAoneLearning.     

Private learning groups can use this platform as their online marketing strategy to promote their service, in the effort to recruit more students to enroll their classes as well as to search suitable instructors to work with them. They do not need to worry about their online presence, as Aone learning focuses to do online marketing for them. 

Institutions benefits from MyAoneLearning in following ways:

 -- Promote your center or learning group

-- Look for students and learners

-- Recruit instructors

-- Display promotion and coupon

In general, you can find directories of bakery and culinary courses, martial arts schools, tuition centers, badminton coaching lessons, etc. on this platform. The site provides value to learners by helping them. MyAoneLearning’s staff also pays regular visits to the registered learning centers to keep a track of the quality service they wish to provide to the learners.   

Learners can decide whom to hire through a rating and review system for each lesson and lesson provider.

Instructors can teach more than one skill.

The centers or the instructors are charged only when a student successfully enrolls. MyAoneLearning takes a 20 percent commission from each enrollment and rest of the fee is directly paid to the teacher by the learner.

Booking through MyAoneLearning gives you the following benefits:

  1. Safety
    We have your booking details on the lessons you avail of. This information will be helpful for us if there are any disputes and disagreements as between the learner and lesson provider.
  2. Convenience
    MyAoneLearning provides a one-stop platform for all learning and teaching activities in your area. Therefore you can compare the lessons offered by many instructors/institutions at the same time, and make your choice at your convenience.
  3. Contribute to the community
    You have the chance to give a 5-star to your instructor or institution if you love your lessons or 1-star if you do not recommend the lessons to other learners. Your review will definitely help other learners to make a better choice, and also for your instructor to give the World-Class lesson for you!

It’s a single solution for all the users be it instructor, learner or institutions. Explore Now!


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