Explore QuickKey: Free Grading and Assessment Anywhere On Any Device

Explore QuickKey For Assessments Anywhere On Any Device

Tests, assessments, quizzes and other ways to assess students determine the understanding of subject from students’ perspective.

The more educators get to check the understanding level of students, the better they can deliver the education students need. Unfortunately, time consumed to correct all the assessment of class shortens the time and teachers may fall short of time leading to fallback in the number of assessments that could have been done.

One quick solution to this can be the cool tool “Quick Key”. Meant for grading, educators will find this tool very handy as it eliminates hand-grading of quizzes, tests, and formative assessments, even for teachers working in paper-based classrooms, without a computer. With Quick Key, you can spend your time addressing the different learning needs of your students, not messing around with grades and grade books.

Quick Key is easy to use, and doesn’t require you to change anything about how you teach. Quick Key turns your phone into an optical scanner to grade quizzes, tests, and surveys on paper, up to 30 questions long. Then, Quick Key allows you to run analytics right on your phone, and then upload the data to your electronic grade book.

The solution is available for educators and schools.

The details are as follows:

Quick Key for Teachers: The tool can be useful for teachers in many ways. It is available for free with advanced features in pro version.  Teachers can create unlimited answer keys for up to 10,000 students. Scan, grade and analyze student quizzes with Grading Solutions for mobile and desktop. Free Printable Bubble Sheets are available.  1-to-1 Send Quizzes to Student Mobile Devices or Chromebooks. Tag & Track Standards with Quick Key Android & iOS Mobile Grading Apps. Sync grading data in real-time to and Export results to Excel. Open Response Grading via Excel Report. Educators can also Share Quizzes with Colleagues. Sign in with Google Classroom to manage Rosters with Google Classroom. The tool works offline as well as Instant on-mobile results analysis are there no Internet connection required. Free Email Support. Online Quizzing is also possible with Quick Key 1-to-1.

Quick Key Site for School/Districts: Track student mastery in real time, and over time. Sync with Google Classroom, PowerSchool, Edmodo, and more. Giving, scoring, and reporting on frequent formative assessments takes just 5 minutes of class time, making data-driven, standards-aligned daily lesson quizzes a reality in your school or district. Send assessment results to PowerSchool automatically or use Quick Key's excel and CSV exports to any LMS, SIS, or electronic grade book.

Quick Key's instant analytics provide immediate feedback, standards tracking, and assessment item analysis - without student devices, regardless of Internet connectivity. Quick Key connects to your existing data and assessment systems, but it also has native capabilities that put the power to improve student performance into the hands of both teachers and administrators. Know the quality of your assessments with Pearson Coefficient scoring for each question item. Get instant, on-device feedback on daily lesson mastery with class scores by question. Track progress to standards over time and in real-time with question and assessment tagging.

Check out the pricing for each plan here

Users of the tool have some amazing things to say about it. Some of the feedbacks are below for you to know about the tool from the users’ perspective.

Dr. Avis B. Williams, Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Tuscaloosa City Schools says, “We must empower our district schools and teachers with tools that make it easy to give students meaningful feedback, and use data to inform instruction. Quick Key's mobile grading app does this while also saving time, and being so simple to use that even the most tech-phobic teachers will be rejoicing in the halls.”

Anthony Bennett, Vice Principal, Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Hull says, “Quick Key's mobile marking app allows our teachers to grade a class set of assessments in under 2 minutes with perfect accuracy. Instant profiles of knowledge and understanding permit for immediate feedback & personalized learning. Precisely because of it's simplicity and power, Quick Key has revolutionized our classrooms.”

So get your Quick Key app for Android and iOS and share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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