College Students Would Love These Apps

College Students Would Love These Apps

The life of a college student is full of projects, deadlines, and to-do tasks. In short, it’s a stressful life. So here are some Android/IOS apps and tools we think no college student should miss out.

Google Drive - Free

Google Drive is a free, web-based 

word processing, presentation, forms and spreadsheets program. This is one of the best alternative to the Office Suites, for you do not need any software download and you can access your files wherever you are with an internet connection.

Here is a free report to know more details on its use by students.

ToDoist – Free

The perfect to-do productivity app is there wherever you need it: on your mobile device, desktop, browser, Gmail, and more. It is known for a beautiful clean UI and it is easy to use. And with its latest gamification feature launch Todoist Karma to Incentivize Personal Productivity it is gaining more popularity amongst the students.

RateMyProfessor — Free

Pick your classes with this great website turned app. Look at professor ratings based on comments and evaluations of past students. The app covers more than 6,000 schools all over the U.S. And it is useful because you know that students trust their peers a lot.

My Class Schedule - Free

My Class Schedule keeps your student life organized! This app will not only keep you informed about your upcoming classes, but also reminds you of exams and unfinished homework. The main feature of My Class Schedule is its timetable that shows your schedule for any particular day or week. Additionally there are many other helpful features, for example a grade overview with your average grades or the ability to automatically mute your phone during class.
No matter if you go to school or university, this easy to use app helps you to keep track of all related tasks. — Free

Every college student wants to expand their vocabulary. This app houses a dictionary and a thesaurus, which are essential resources. An added plus is being able to star your favorite words.

Evernote — Free

The life of a college student is hectic and also requires research. Apart from some other tools like Twitter which students use for research, Evernote can get you through even the most daunting research project. It easily allows you to take notes, record audio, snap a picture, and even store documents. What sets Evernote apart is that it syncs between all capable devices. Here is a Free Guide to Evernote in Education for you to know more.

Flashcards+ — Free

This app makes preparing for midterms and final exams easy and more enjoyable. Flashcard sets can be custom crafted through the app . Improve by studying as you go and increasing the number of your study sessions.


Students use Teamviewer to link to all files available on their personal computers. If you need to print a paper in a hurry, you can access it on Teamviewer, print it from some place nearby, and turn it in on time.


This app provides free cloud storage. With Dropbox, students keep track of their work anywhere they are and easily share it with others who have access to the cloud.

Share your favorites in the comments below.

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