Students Now Leverage This Platform To Learn Practical Applications from Industry Experts

Students Now Leverage This Platform To Learn Practical Applications from Industry Experts

WeBind bridges the campus-corporate gap by delivering the real world inside classrooms across India.

WeBind, an Ed-Tech startup founded by engineering & management professionals connects every subject taught in classrooms to its purpose & career in the real world. It is a platform where students understand the applications of various theorems, formulae, and theoretical concepts. The Indian education system often blamed to be out-dated and too theoretical can now rely on this platform to keep pace with industry working, latest technology and match the expectation of employers from MNCs to startups.

The ever rising un-employability graph of Indian graduates has been attributed by researchers to lack of practical approach, the disconnect between academia. Besides, students from non-IIT colleges feel deprived of  opportunities and channels to understand the technology, management strategies and the thought process of top companies and startups hiring these graduates. WeBind leverages technology to solve this problem at a scale. Multiple colleges, all at the same time can get connected to industry leaders via a series of cloud-based web-cast sessions. It is called a ‘Master-Class’ , a name given by students themselves. WeBind hosts such Master-Classes delivered by experts from top companies like Facebook, EU Space Agency, LinkedIn, CloverInfotech and tech startups like Zepo, Fynd, Leaf Wearable & Ather Energy among others.

A college in Baramulla and Kottayam can interact with an engineer from Emirates  in Dubai or a classroom in Jaipur can learn from a product manager at Myntra in Mumbai. College professors can register themselves and select or request for various topic that he/she teaches.

While Professionals can create a profile on WeBind of their skills and talents they want to share with students. “It actually helps  democratize the opportunities & flow of practical knowledge from top to the bottom of the pyramid”  says  Pratik Jani , professor at K.C College who attended a Master-Class on ‘Digital Marketing’ by Manveer Singh Malhi, Digital Head at iGenero.

With over 300+ colleges, 70+ sessions & touching lives of 40,000+ students WeBind aims to be the window for both the campus and corporate.

“We are the umbilical cord for students connecting them  to opportunities and ideas beyond classrooms. Imagine an education set-up wherein after studying about algorithms from books, the students learn how & what algorithms are used in search functionality of LinkedIn, by an engineer from the company itself.”  quips A.Samad Murghay, co-founder & Head of Master Relations.

Every college with basic infrastructure like internet, laptop & projector can sign up for being a ‘WeBind Enabled Classrooms’. This subscription based model, the cost of which is as low as 10rs per student resonates with educators cutting across all diversities in India.

The tech backbone along with a young & education sector experienced team fuels the growth story of WeBind. The fact that, WeBind has no competitor adds to the advantage. The startup plans to add industry expert delivered workshops which will be pocket-friendly and accessible even in the remotest of place in India.  The team is excited about its Artificial Intelligence based bot, which will hand hold a student throughout its journey from first lecture in college to the first day at his dream company. The move is aimed at changing the perspective of learning a subject  from grade based to innovation and career based.

“The AI based companion will make it very easy for students to make a daily or weekly chart in order to achieve their dream of being a software engineer at Airbus or marketing head at ITC. Youth now have dreams but do not have a detailed plan or daily target based roadmap to realize the dream. We are doing just that” says Abul Rajani, Head of New Product Development at WeBind.

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