Social Accounts, Channels & Boards to Follow for Pre School Learning

Social Accounts, Channels & Boards to Follow for Pre School Learning

Ah, preschool! The most important period of education in a person’s life, as it is when you are taught the most basic but essential lessons like your ABCs, 123s, shapes and colors that add meaning to your life.

It is also important because kindergarten is where children are able to learn and recollect the maximum, hence a lot of attention should be paid to the education that kids receive during this time.

Following are resources from various social media platforms that you can follow to make the best of everything related to pre school learning. Check them out.

Twitter Accounts to Follow

Preschool Learning 

You can follow this account to stay updated on preschool activities, kids learning games, lesson plans, preschool songs, parenting information to teach preschool and kindergarten lot.

Pre-school Learning

This account is from a Pre-school Learning Alliance.  A leading organization supporting 14,000 providers to deliver care and education to 800,000 families. You can find a lot of useful resources that will give you a better understanding of Pre-School Learning.

Teach Preschool

This account tweets and shares the wonders of early learning in action. Follow it to be updated on the latest activities that can be done with preschoolers, understand more about their needs and a lot more About Pre-School Learning.   

Preschool Gems  

Preschool Gems is run by Leslie McCollom (Follow her @LeslieMcCollom). She is the author of the same book called Preschool Gems. Following this account will bring you a lot of useful resources that can help you learn about the Pre-School Learning.    

Pinterest Boards to Follow

PreSchool Learning: This board by Kristina is a good source to get all the information on all the preschool learning things. A teacher and the founder of, a blog for kids, she loves to pin learning activities.

True Aim Education, this board by Jamie highlights a lot on the PreSchool Learning and concepts that cover all related to the same. Know how you can teach ABCs, 123s, Shapes, Writing, and all the basics of preschool learning but through unique and interesting methods from this board!

Preschool: Learning is Fun! This board by Julie Kirkwood from Creekside Learning is the right place to find engaging learning activities, awesome resources and new ways to have fun and enjoy with your preschoolers.

Preschool Learning Activities follow this board to get new ideas on activities that you can integrate in your teaching plan.

Nature Preschool - Learning Outdoors by Rae Pethica in an interesting one. This board focuses on the outdoor activities that can be done with preschoolers. The board showcases some interesting pins like inspiring outdoor play spaces, ways to play with loose parts, gardening activity for kids and more.  

This board, Fun Activities for Preschool Learning showcases fun activities to foster learning for preschool children, including preschool games, preschool toys, preschool worksheets and printables! An amazing source for educators to get a lot of amazing ideas and resources that would help them with the preschoolers.

Google+ Pages and Communities to Follow  

Preschool Math Lessons

This collection from G+ is awesome. It showcases various activities, lesson plans and much more that can be used by math educators for the preschoolers.

Early Education News

This collection is dedicated to bring forward all the latest news from the early education sector. The page showcases case studies as well which can be a great resource for educators to explore what works the best.

Preschool Learning Ideas

This community shares Preschool Learning Activities, Games & Lesson Plans for Teachers & Parents Teaching Preschool & Kindergarten Kids.

Preschool to Kindergarten It's all about the kids

Join this community to know all about the needs of preschoolers and kindergartners. The community highlights a lot of useful resources that would help educators to bring the best out of kids.

 YouTube Channels to Follow Early Learning Academy Early Learning Academy is an online learning program for children. Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones, helps children build a strong foundation for academic success. The curriculum encompasses more than 7,000 learning activities and 650+ complete lessons for pre-school, pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade, including reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, health, art, and music. From this channel you can watch videos to learn more about the learning needs of children ages 2–7!

Preschool Prep Company

Preschool Prep Company is a provider of Books & DVDs in the same field and have won over 25 national awards for the quality they provide. Used in thousands of schools across the country, with this channel you can learn about set of tools for children to use when they are ready. Know how to help children learn how to read, write and start with their educational journey. You can access information and resources about basics concepts such as letter, number, shape and color recognition, sight words and phonics skills.

Kids Preschool Baby Nursery Rhymes And Children's Songs

Access compilations of videos for kids that pays sole attention to making the child learn the most in the least amount of time. These educational videos are filled with lyrics from your toddler’s favorite nursery rhymes and our original songs for kids, accompanied by music that will store itself indefinitely in your child’s little brain.

Preschool Education

Learn to Read instructional approach and techniques are based on research about how children learn to read. Our team of leading educators, award-winning authors and illustrators, teachers, and parents developed the new Learn to Read with the primary goal of helping children become confident readers.

BabyFirst TV Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes & More

This is one of the internet’s largest collections of educational resources, nursery rhymes for children, and cartoons for your kids. On BabyFirst TV, kids can learn everything under the sun, from ABC to Animals, colors to shapes, and so much more through our extensive episodes. Videos on this channel will help children learn education basics before entering the school environment. Programs like Color Crew and Petey Paintbrush will help children understand the color wheel through a series of animated coloring pages. Vocabulary, loves sharing new words, ABC Galaxy familiarizes children with the alphabet.

Toddler Fun Learning

Watch and learn with the fun, educational videos for toddlers. With access to this kids can learn to count, learn ABCs and much more.

Their new series called Story Time celebrates the joy and imagination of reading with amazing stories and fairy tales for kids. Other hits include Number Zoo and Number Farm, along with nursery rhymes videos. Toddler Fun Learning makes fun, free and educational videos, nursery rhymes and songs for toddlers all over the world.

Preschool Learning Online

Marisa, a Certified Early Childhood Educator R.E.C.E (Registered Early Childhood Educator) and Dane, operate some of the Best Preschool & Educational Kids Websites & Resource sites Online. On this channel they provide valuable amounts of preschool learning activities, pre-kindergarten lesson plans, pre-kindergarten games for kids, toy reviews, product reviews & more for parents, moms, new moms & teachers.

Keep the list growing in comment section below.

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