IXL Introduces Personalized Recommendations Feature to Help Students Make Informed Learning Choices

IXL Introduces Personalized Recommendations Feature to Help Students Make Informed Learning Choices

SAN MATEO, Calif. – December 12, 2016 – Today, IXL Learning announced the release of personalized recommendations for students on IXL, a K-12 adaptive learning program used by 1 in 9 U.S. students.

This new tool helps students make smart decisions about their learning, and offers them remediation the moment it’s needed. Each student receives unique skill recommendations that inspire them to tackle their trouble spots, challenge themselves, try new topics, and more. 

On IXL’s Recommendations page, students can view a visual wall of suggested skills based on their personal practice history. The recommendations are updated every time students work on IXL so that they always see their most relevant options. By giving students the freedom to choose what to learn while presenting them meaningful options, IXL’s recommendations empower students to take ownership of their learning.

IXL guides students’ exploration through various types of recommendations:

  • Try something new—A recommended entry point to a topic the student hasn’t practiced yet
  • Next up—A skill that builds on something the student has already learned  
  • Keep at it—Encourages the student to continue working on a skill they were making progress in
  • Work it out—A skill that helps target one of the student’s trouble spots
  • Go for gold—Motivates the student to complete a skill they’re close to mastering

“At IXL, we create captivating content that sparks an eagerness to learn new things. Now, we’re making this discovery process more purposeful and personal for students,” said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning. “IXL’s recommendations offer students a choose-your-own adventure that helps them become confident, self-directed learners.”

Additionally, if students need help while learning a skill, recommendations at the bottom of the screen suggest skills to practice in order to address their knowledge gaps. By offering remediation opportunities immediately and within context, IXL helps students actively engage with their trouble spots and make informed decisions about how to tackle them.

Recommendations are currently available for all 3,700 math skills in IXL’s U.S. edition. IXL offers personalized learning, with 6,000 skills that adapt to each student through scaffolded questions that become progressively harder or easier based on how well the learner is understanding the material. IXL covers math, language arts, science, and social studies, and is aligned to the Common Core and all state standards. IXL features 10 free practice questions each day for students not subscribed to IXL; IXL subscribers can practice unlimited questions across all grade levels. For more information and to subscribe to IXL, please visit www.IXL.com.

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