No Internet Connection Required Now For Google Slides

Do you ever wish to use a free resource that's available on the internet and helps you create documents spreadsheets etc without the hassle of making piles of folders and saving them on your documents folder. Well then Google Drive is the ultimate 

answer for you. Here you can create, edit, share, collaborate on, and comment on Documents (Docs), Spreadsheets (Sheets), and Presentations (Slides), all online.

Some of its features I like are that you can easily share it online and people will always be able to see the newest version. The only demerit in some cases was that you needed an internet connection. Well Google now has an answer to it as well.

I would always save a copy of my presentation as a PDF file to my laptop in case I didn't have a good internet connection. That is no longer necessary. All you need is an email account, and I’m sure you have one.

Google has announced that Google Slides will now be available with offline support. You can now create, edit, comment, and present your Slides presentation without an internet connection. When you get an internet connection, your new presentations or changes will be automatically updated online.
This is a great feature that makes Slides even more useful, along with Chromebooks, for people who need to work on, or present, their presentations where they may not have Wi-Fi. It's also great for schools who issue Chromebooks to students that may not have internet at home.

To enable offline Docs/Sheets/Slides, follow these instructions. If you already have offline enabled for Docs, you are all set. In order to use the offline feature, you will have to use Chrome browser or Chrome OS.

Google is currently working on offline support for Sheets as well. If this is achieved you might even prefer using docx files and pdf files on the Google Drive instead of our eternal Microsoft. And as the times are changing our needs are changing as well.

Offline support has been the one reason I see many people stating as why they won't or can't go with Google Drive/Docs and Chromebooks. That reason is disappearing. Who knows you might just not want any Microsoft Office anymore or the hassles of buying or downloading software.

I believe Google always meets user expectations. What do you have to say?

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