Say No to Academic Plagiarism with Noplag Edu

Say No to Academic Plagiarism with Noplag Edu

Access to web resources has made it easy for students to access a lot of information.

There is no doubt about the benefits of access to this information but to some point it diminishes the authenticity we expect from students and kills the originality of expected content. The ease to access the vast resources to information leads to plagiarism often practiced by students.  

Noplag is an online plagiarism checker for writers, students, educators, companies and website owners.

It is a leading originality checking service, which helps to detect plagiarism and avoid unintentional plagiarism in your writing. Considering the variety of users’ needs, developed different products for different kind of customers: Students & Instructors, Universities, Website Owners, and Businesses. Noplag database contains more than 5 + Million academic papers to check against; 10+ Million publications; 1.3+ Billion pages on The Web. With database this huge, chances are very bleak of not being able to identify the copied text.  

Pain Points/Needs: Plagiarism Checker

Platform: Web Based Platform


The product is available for individual users that can help them check content, articles, papers etc.; for Schools, Colleges, and Universities that can help them with creating classes & assignments, adding students and instructors and check & grade papers online and for Companies which enables them to add multiple users, check submitted writing assignments & plagiarism reports online. Indeed, Good for agencies, business or team of writers.

After registering with the platform the user can easily use the free services offered by the platform. The free service enables the user to check one piece of writing within the range of 400 words each day and with free service on use there is limit of 10 checks from the platform. However, the premium account is apt for those who are having long and numerous posts to check. Also, the results from the premium account are much defined. The premium account has a Writing Check feature as well. For those users who are involved in bulk checking, Noplag’s detailed and professional report makes it easy to avoid intentional and unintentional similarity or plagiarism.  


The services are charged as follows based on per page:

Against the web: ¢10;

Against Noplag Database: ¢4

Against Publications: ¢5

The “My Library” Feature: Free


Noplag is an educational platform which provides a set of tools to establish good collaboration between tutors and students in the writing process. Noplag accepts files in the different formats as well as you can copy and paste your text. The "My library" feature enables users to check documents against their own files, which can be uploaded in the unlimited quantity. Create your own repository and check new files against it. Noplag’s detailed and professional report makes it easy to avoid intentional and unintentional similarity or plagiarism.

Our Review:

The verdict for the tool is that Noplag is a handy tool where user can definitely get through with the copied text and resources to it. The idea is to identify the unauthentic content and get to the original resources. With hands on this tool user can easily identify the copied content and get the changes done accordingly if needed. We recommend you to use the free account and switch to premium account for many other features it offers.

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