theLearnia Helps Teachers to Flip Their Classroom Within Only 5 Minutes, an innovative startup company, has announced the general availability and multi-lingual support of its free online whiteboard to help teachers create video lessons in minutes and share them with their students.

The flipped classroom is one of the most important trends of our time, changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Flipping a class requires teachers to create content at home and share it with their students before the lesson begins. Creating content in video format, even the shortest one, takes lots of time and technical expertise. This is where theLearnia steps in.

“Creating a video lesson has never been that easy” says Yosi Avraham theLearnia CEO, Co-founder and a teacher himself. “A 5 min lesson takes 5 minutes to create as the recording is done in real-time. There is no need to install anything or edit. Encoding and uploading is done automatically and the result is astonishing.”

With a few clicks, any teacher can create an impressive video lesson with vivid colors and graphics that will encourage his or her students to watch and learn. Teachers can also upload their ready-made presentations and convert them into a video lesson followed by their voice-over and explanation.


The company reports that it was surprise to see additional usage of the tool. As part of students’ task, they were asked by their teachers to create video lesson on a specific topic and share it in class. “This is a great way to share knowledge” said Avraham, it’s easier for students to learn together and share the knowledge in a video format. “We see hundreds of videos every day created with theLearnia where the ‘young teacher’ clearly shows great teaching and presentations skills.”

theLearnia is free with a full set of features to help teacher focus on the message instead of the video editing techniques. Teachers can start by uploading their own presentation and make it as a video lesson with their voice over or can use any of the easy tools to create their own video. 

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