3 Ways to Use QR Codes with Students in 2017

3 Ways to Use QR Codes with Students in 2017

Technology has always played an important role in education. Students access information more than ever.

QR Codes isn’t something new. The main idea of using them is that it can launch websites with just a click. This allows students to lessen time spent on typing long URLs and more time learning.

This is just one of the many uses of QR codes in the classroom. Here are more uses of QR codes for teachers to try out!

1. Sharing

Educators can display digital assignments and share students’ videos and blogs made by students. Teachers can post QR codes to projects and let each student view their classmate’s work.

This turns bulletin boards to interactive boards. Teachers can get more creative by posting artworks and putting QR codes below it to know more about the creator of the artwork. Step-by-step Instructions can be found on Google templates.

2. Gather Information

Teachers can now gather feedback from parents through surveys with the help of QR codes. The usual setting in Google Form requires you to follow a link via email. But by using QR code, anyone with mobile access can just easily scan the QR code.

3. Distribute Materials

Another tip is to just post a list of QR codes on each student’s desk which gives access to all resources –class website, Google Drive, and online assessment tools. This saves the teacher time preparing all these materials instead of printing and making copies of all these resources.

Teachers can use free QR code generator Snap.vu and easily update QR codes. This also allows them to easily change the link to the QR code in less than a minute –a very handy teaching tool.

Once your students know how to scan QR codes, you’re ready to use these ideas in your classroom!

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