Pedago's Smartly - A New Approach to Online MBA & Career Network

Pedago's Smartly - A New Approach to Online MBA & Career Network

Pedago is changing how talent is developed with Active Learning and Proactive Hiring.

At Pedago, the move is to step into “active learning” by moving away from the passive learning approaches that have dominated for the past century. They’re leveraging the best practices of experiential training through machine-based tutoring that provides individualized feedback and progression.

The way technology is revolutionizing teaching and learning, new ways to make education accessible for all are coming out that not only help in accessibility but also make education mobile as well as efficient.      

Pedago’s “Smartly” is one such way to get an elite MBA and the opportunity to put it to work in their Career Network. Aligned with MBA programs at the world's leading business schools, Smartly flips traditional lecture-based instruction with active, individualized lessons available on any device.

They’re as selective as the top MBA programs, with over 85% of the candidates from top 20 schools and this course is completely free of cost.

Smartly has reimagined business education. Currently in beta, Smartly brings the MBA curriculum to the modern era, with bite-size lessons optimized for a mobile world. In addition to learning, Smartly students find jobs from companies eager to hire the best MBA candidates. Paying for the privilege of recruiting in the network, their partner companies help keep Smartly free to all accepted students.

This platform and the content library teach subjects dramatically faster and more effectively than traditional education. They've already launched the first licensed, exclusively machine-taught degree in the world, and have successfully made it easily accessible on mobile, knowing that’s where today’s students want to learn. Their students graduate with licensed degrees and certificates, and they connect them with employers for success-based placement fees.

Long term, their mission is to accelerate the world’s shift to truly interactive learning by entering many other fields of vocational and academic study and maintaining their focus on research and development. Read below on how they aim to do it:


The pointers below highlights how they aim to maximize the reach of a game-changing technology innovation in education, and drive value as the education company of the future:

MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE: They make it accessible to all with their mobile-first, platform agnostic, self-paced, and easily-translatable into every major language.

MAKE IT FREE: Remove the cost barrier and the heavy student debt burden, ensuring access regardless of socioeconomic status.

MAKE CREDENTIALS VALUABLE: Admit students for degrees and certificates based on prerequisites and prospects for employment.

TIE IT TO CAREERS: By link education directly to its ultimate benefit, motivating financial gain, career advancement and personal fulfillment.

MONETIZE ON THE EMPLOYER: They help companies match with the ideal job-seeking student, with the desired skills, education, and culture fit, paying upon a successful hire in their career network.

Learn more about the Smartly and share your experience with us in the comment section below. 

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