Learn How RenderForest Helps Students & Teachers to Create Videos Online

RenderForest an online video and animation maker, containing over 300 scenes and ready-made presets, which can be used to create videos online for free without any knowledge or specialization in video making.

The times are gone when methods of traditional education were used to teach pupil and students. The main aim of the traditional educational system is to transfer the knowledge, skills, facts, norms of the previous generation to the new generation. But, nowadays, almost everywhere in the world the methods of humanistic education are used. What is humanistic education? Well, here are its main principles:

  1. Students should choose themselves what they want to learn.

  2. The aim of education should be producing students that want to learn.

  3. Grades shouldn’t be put on the first point. Self -evaluation is more important.

  4. Humanistic education pays attention to individuals and their emotions, not only their knowledge.

  5. Students should study in a non-threatening environment.

In order to create such educational-motivational atmosphere, humanistic teachers and professors use various techniques, which are known as methods of active learning. An active learning is a student-centered approach, where the responsibility for learning is placed upon the student. Here teachers are facilitators rather than the ones that provide information. They don’t teach but merely help to learn. What is this good for? In modern society only knowledge is not enough, employers are more concentrated on personal treats of a person. Active learning stimulates self-motivation, creativity, self-confidence and many more personal characteristics. Thus, active learning involves many tools and methods, such as: think pair share, role playing, brainstorming, problem-solving, discussions, game-based learning and many more. Active learning also includes using many technologies and gadgets to enhance the learning process. Nowadays, a popular tool for active learning is videos.

Videos can be really helpful and even life-changing in the classroom. But what should a person do if they don’t know how to create a video? Start learning a whole new software on video making and editing? This is a good option, but let’s admit it’s time-consuming and maybe some people simply are not interested in this.

RenderForest is a platform suggests plenty of video templates that can be used to create a video/ slideshow in no time and for any purposes. You can surf RenderForest video catalogue and pick up a video template from any category you wish.


RenderForest is easy to use as you don’t need to upload anything. You can create a great video online using RenderForest tools and cloud storage.

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