Learn How RenderForest Helps Students & Teachers to Create Videos Online

You can add your photos and videos, edit texts, customize color palettes, add your own music and even a voiceover. Also, you can re-edit your video whenever you’d like. There are both fixed length video templates and templates where you choose the duration. In the fixed-length videos, you simply add your text, pictures, logos and music.

The other type of video templates contains many ready-made presets. You can use as many of them as you wish, again adding your own text.


Or if you don’t like ready-made presets, create your own scene with your own characters. You can drag and drop scenes changing their sequence, delete them or add new scenes. You can custom the duration of each scene, too.


Besides adding text, you can also choose the style of your video!


Don’t forget to edit color palette and pick up a music. You can both choose a music from the RenderForest list or add your own music. And finally, click the preview button and you are ready to go!

So, whether you are a student, wondering on how to create an impressive presentation, or a teacher, eager to get your students motivated - we suggest you to use a RenderForest toolkit to create a video.

Why should you use a video?

  • Students make their own videos thus showing both their personality and what they have learned. Plus, a video is a better way to introduce a lesson or teach something new.

  • Unfortunately, human attention span is not that long, and in order to get students’ attention, motivate them, teach them something new and while doing this continue keeping their attention, a professor needs to use special techniques. With a several-minutes video, teacher can explain more, show more and do this by keeping students’ attention.

  • It was proved, that by simply reading one won’t memorize much information. By watching and listening, people memorize more. If this to points are connected the results will be better.

  • A video in a classroom will help to explain complex, abstract concepts better. Using graphics, 3D images, and animation, students will grasp the information fast and easy. Also, through videos teacher can display experiments that can’t be done in the classroom.

Gone are the days of boring lectures, gone are the days when only few people could create a high-quality video. Modern society uses new and more effective methods in classrooms. This is the time when each student is important and can show his/her creativity. And this is the time when teachers can teach more in less time. When they can motivate their students and teach them not just some rough material but teach them to learn themselves. All these can be done with the usage of simple online toolkits. RenderForest helps you to create something new, to display your bright ideas and to engage others.

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